Gullinbursti’s effect damage does not work upon death

Just as the title says, his effect damage is not triggered upon his death. Isn’t his effect supposed to deal damage when he’s dead like before? Is this a bug?

Read the pig’s skills. Does it contain statement that his damage can still be activated if the boar died before the 3-turn duration ended?

I have 3 of him maxed, one heavily emblemed. When he dies, there is supposed to be a mana gain. That’s all I know. Tell us something different.

Remember when finishing the season 3 province 7 stage 10 was very problematic for everyone, because the stage boss An-Windr’s effect damage was triggered after he was killed and that killed everyone? Gullinbursti’s special skill has the same description as his. Then after many complaints about the difficulty of that stage, the developers had to reduce An-Windr’s effect damage so that finishing the stage was easier for all, but I don’t remember his special’s effect being also made not to trigger and cause damage upon death.

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