📯 Gullinbursti – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

He is by people with any sense. He’s superb.

I’d never noticed him doing damage when the skill was re-cast so I was merrily assuming it doesn’t. I use him for heals and HP boost; the rest of the skill is just a nice bonus (and sometimes clutch, to be fair). Fortunately I didn’t have to chase him as he came my way anyway - three times! I’ve maxed two. The overheal comes in more than handy in NT, in particular.


Yeah i have 3 and one LB … but the spirit of what I ment is there.

He’s not miki.


Yeah he always did that if you brought mana and refired his special he went off and hit everyone.

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Wrong. Before if you fired while his special was still active it would just extend the duration of the effect without damage. V39 changed that, incidentally during Very Fast no Dark 4* Tournament. Now it’s just brought back. Either way he’s still great hero.

Wished I could find a video that he didn’t do that … but whatever they waited like a year and after the holy LB were out to change him.

Then call it a fix when he did what his card said.

Either way now he doesn’t do what his card says because as was proven above the “effect” doesn’t end then so they should get a further 20 percent increase then… orrrrrr it does end… in which case he should fire.

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