Gullinbursti / Lepiota working as intended?

So yes, i know i know its a lot to ask, but:

Lepiotas card says a lot about being immune to many kinds of damage.
But gullinburstis special, that also ignores taunt, seems to have a different function, as it says “all enemies gert a certain amount of damage”
Carefully read lepiotas card, it does NOT say “prevents damage of all sources”, only normal attacks, special attacks, status effects and so on.

It still would be more than okay, that ghost form does NOT get this damage, I am more curious if that is working as intended, or not.

Fun fact:
Elizabeth CAN set up a parasite on enemies in ghost form, although it doesnt make damage or manaslow, but still kinda odd, that it is possible

Wishing everybody good hero pulls. :wink:

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Lepiota’s abyss ghost is like normal ghost (for example, Stoneclever ghost) that they immune to many kinds of damage, buff and ailment. HOWEVER, both normal ghost and Lepiota’s abyss ghost can receive minion and Elizabeth’s fiend.

I noticed this minion/ghost interaction as well and thought it might be a bug. I decided to make a post. Feel free to weigh in!

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Quote from Lepiota’s card:

“Immune to normal attacks, special skill attacks, Status Effects and stacks.”

Gullinbursti’s damage is a status effect.

Thus is immune.


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