Gullinbursti doesn't do damage in Teltoc

Dear devs,
There’s a bug with Gullinbursti’s damage in Teltoc event.

His attack (3 turns after his special skill use) doesn’t apply if there’s any alive mobs/bosses with yellow reflect.
Attack just pospones forever, until all the yellow enemies are dead.

Yeap, I know that Teltoc is going away, but I suppose the same bug will appear in Starfall Circus.
Kindly ask to check.

Here’s the video:


Additional info - it’s bugged regardless of the mobs/enemies.
I’m afraid, root cause of the bug can be found by QA only.

Have forwarded this on. :+1:


Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this issue here and I’ll update this topic once we know more.

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GB is not firing attack at the end of his special in legendary levels.

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