Gullinburst has a bug?

I just pulled Gullinburst and tried him on,but he doesn’t deal damage when attack buff goes off. Am I only one with this problem or is there a general bug?

You mean after 3 turns are over? Also, make sure his buff wasn’t dispelled by the enemy. The Attack Buff can be dispelled.

Yes. Attacking npc will result the same, no damage done.

You can file a support ticket in game under the Options icon. Unless Gullinbursti has been dispelled, there should be an attack after 3 turns.

Well actually. This is kinda embarrassing, but just now it worked fine. Maybe I was just wrong about it earlier.

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Already try with my baby Gullinbursti…

1 more left to end it turn…

Deal damage as espected… :muscle: :+1:
The green symbol in yellow sword make me confuse as green is like +heal… :sweat_smile: :thinking:

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