Gullin damage

I recently faced him on Def and he hit for 491 damage to all. This feels higher than before and took me by surprise!

My guess is that as it’s been converted to points of damage, that is increased by a factor by the troops and the 1.2x Def attack multiplier. This creates as situation where his damage being multiplied is greater than the effect of just his attack being multiplied so he’s hitting harder.

Great news for Gulli! Also it is definitely easier to understand now as you can click on the hero and know exactly what damage will happen in battle.

Ps this is unconfirmed, based on experience in game only as I don’t have the previous version too compare

Other Changes:

  • Additional damage in Guardian Gazelle, Hansel, Gretel, Pixie, Gullinbursti and An-Windr’s specials is now displayed as the exact amount of damage being dealt
    • The damage dealt by Guardian Gazelle, Gullinbursti and An-Windr’s specials is no longer affected by the enemy’s defense. The amount of damage dealt has been rebalanced for each hero

The best general thread about damage is here, it’s quite technical but is very thorough.


Can we make it higher with atk buff or def down ?

It currently works like a 1-turn DoT.

DoTs ignore defense, always hit for the same numbers, and are only affected by the starting attack stat of the hero (i.e. base, talents, troops - but not buffs).


Thanks jonah, i think gullin become hero with DOT now

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I played with the mono team, the wukong buff felt useless. doesn’t this make the gullin weaker ?

It makes Gullin special much stronger thanks to ignoring defense (IMO).
Yes, Wukong buff does not apply to the special any more, but overall, in a vacuum, you should be doing much more damage to higher power targets now.

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His damage was previously fairly minor to ascended emblemed fives. Now he can do up to 300 ish damage, which seems much stronger . There looks to be a use case with him and Wilbur to make sure his damage is maxed out


I use him for support. but when he become dot, My dream to have some good combination special skill in mono is gone. He cant get higher damage with atk buff or def down.

Maybe 3*-5*, looks fun with kailani, c.vivica, wukong, gullin, g.jackal

He was really hard to coordinate with buffs and so forth due to the delay after firing, so I am content with the DOT type effect


His damage is frosting on the BigPig Cake.

I run him with Heimdall and C.Kashrek.

Superboosted HP…To infinity, AND BEYOND!!!


What if we have 5 gullin… Kabooommm


everyone has their own satisfaction. So yeah sadly i must deal with it.

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@Frans3000, @JonahTheBard, @Dannyoh31, @Eldente, @Infinite

Here is a MUCH more in depth run-down on what Gullinbursti does in the V31 balance changes:


but they have some DOT characteristics, such as not being able to be affected by atk de/buffs or def de/buffs. it’s just based on stats, talents, and troops. And why dev do that ?

I’m guessing they felt it wasn’t clear enough as it was, and now it is much clearer. Thanks very much @Guvnor for all the info, very nice!


All in the actual topic on balance changes…

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Why they get confusion ? Is it a problem when the damage is affected by enemy defense ?

No, people were confused by the wording I believe… confusion about dealing it as 100% into the damage calculation vs. instantly wiping 100% of HP.

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