Hello everyone, can any of you give me some advice in the fight against Guinevere? I’ve tried so much and I just can not keep up. I’ve tried Perseus now, but that does not help either. Can any of you tell me how I have a chance in the fight against Guinevere? I would be very happy if you could give me some advice.

Atleast 2 purple heroes, stronger the better. Some dispeller if possible. Try to make sure to save some tiles to get mana to the dispeller after she fires. Possibly a defense debuff (maybe tiburtus) will help.

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I won three raids against Guin as tank today. My team was Alberich Tiburtus Marjana Sabina Wukong

Honestly it wasn’t so hard, and none of the tries I killed her before firing super. Just hold Sabina super and fire after Guin. Than fire Tibs Marjana and wukong and kill her. After that it gets a lot easier

Spend the ham, reroll and move on. She isn’t worth the aggrevation to fight.


Thank you for your answers. I usually fight with Alberich, Joon, Magni, Sartana and Marjana. Will try if I can continue with Wu Kong.

Maybe try a dispeller like Caedmon or Sonyia. Do you have Zeline?

But I tend to do what Chuck does if she’s 4/80. Will entertain it if she’s only 3/70.


Raiding against guin is no easy task, but I have gotten consistently better results against her using a sort of formula. For starters, I have a fairly deep bench of fully leveled heroes (2 or more of each color 4*, and almost 2 of each in 5*, along with some 3/60 and 3/70). I have settled into a pattern of always bringing alby and zeline on raids, but even without that pair, guin can fall. The way I decide who to bring is NOT based on the color of the tank (yellow) when I face guin. I look to the heroes next to guin and see what else I will have to contend with. It’s also important to note if there are two heroes of the same element in the defense. Whatever color they have 2 of I triple up against that color. So if they have alby and zeline, I bring 3 reds. If their defense is all 5 colors, I triple up against the hero directly to the left or right of guin. This makes tiles of the triple insanely damaging, and greens (because i always have alby+zeline) always do good damage as well. I almost never bring purple into a guin fight. Unless you have a bunch under her at the start, purple becomes pretty useless once she fires, so why play into her strength?
To kinda sum it up, to beat guin, I have my best results running 3-2 setup, tripling against any double color in the defense or strongest flank, and avoid purple unless there’s a second yellow on her team. Healer, de-buffer, 3hitters.
Best of luck


Yes, I have Zeline on 3/70. But she did not want to use her until she was 4/80. I’ll keep trying, Zeline is awesome. I will use them against Guinevere as soon as possible. Thanks also Steps for the detailed explanation, I will probably be more successful against Guinevere in the future. Thank you all again and have a nice evening.

I’m currently leveling up Domitia to help battle her. I’ve found some success with Cabin Boy and Hu Tao too.

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You may use Guardian Panther

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Question: Would you bother trying against Guinevere with 3-2, if you had no HOTM? (That’s my situation, and I’m curious what regular heroes might be marshaled against her…)

What is HOTM? With normal heroes, I can do almost nothing against them. It’s just charged too fast before my heroes can do something.

Going against any high ranked tank is never easy. A rule of thumb I follow is double up on the opposing color. And have a healer. For guin I usually go Zeline Tibs Viv Sartan and Perseus or even peters. I most often pass just because its easier.

Sorry, I’m new here. HOTM (hero of the month), now it knows too. Without Alberic, I would not even try. Lianna would be an option, I would have to try that.

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Now I won against Guinevere for the first time. Opponents had Dorn, Sturmfang, Guinevere, Lady Locke and Sartana in the team. I had Alberich, Magni, Marjana, Sartana and Joon on the team. That gives me some hope again, that I can do it more often in the future.

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Which hero is Dorn? I know it’s a translation, just unsure of which card.

CHange your language into German. I think in English he’s called Thorne? Blue Hero with big icy sword.
In Dutch he’s called Doorn, so i expect that’s the one :smiley:

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Sie haben Recht, neben Magni, Richard ist Dorn der dritte 5* Held.

Thorne and Boldtusk.

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If I had to use only standard non-event/non-hotm heroes to go after guin tanks I would still do 3-2 style offense. Use heroes with high attack stats, and fast mana where possible. I don’t know what 5*’s you have, but a few standard setups that would work best might be:

Lianna, grim, magni, melendor, Richard

Boldtusk, grim, Elena, scarlet, Sonya

Sabina, Wu, obakan, joon, vivica

Any of these teams would give you a good chance of success with a fair to good board. Obviously you can mix and match or sub out different heroes for ones you don’t have. I know I said previously that purple isn’t a good idea, but with no hotm/event heroes I think you might have to play with what you’ve got. Mostly I find it works better for me to sacrifice survivability for higher damage, cuz if you don’t kill them quick, you probably won’t kill them at all. I’d be happy to hear feedback to see if you had more success with these lineups. I’ll be sticking with my hotm’s.

Side note: since I got guin finished and in as my tank I’ve lost more defensive raids than I’ve successfully defended. Probably a 5L/2W ratio. So people are handing her pretty well.


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