Guinevere when will she have narf?

when darf in telluria generates the justification that was very appealing that the effect lasted a long time of healing, what about Guinevere average mana besides stealing 20% of your hero’s mana she had been curing 611 for four rounds? telluria and guinevere no, what is the point of that.

She doesn’t need nerf, the problems is u don’t know how to face her.
Try stacking 4 purples or 5 purples and see that she will quickly die

Narf … (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Seriously now … Guin is still not stronger than post-nerf Telluria, and has more counters.


How about we nerf all 5* tanks and fight with Kashhrek in the middle?
Seriously, Guinevere is fine.


To nerf Guin? Thats funny, because there are way more powerful tanks out there than her and she also has a hard counter being Seshat. Guin’s best days are way behind her and im telling that as a person who does not have her and only fought against her. I love going against her because if the board is not absolutely garbage its an easy fight. I usually take Proteus +20, Domitia (will be replaced by Clarissa once i max her), Khiona, Seshat and Ariel. With this team Guin dies of 2 matches of purples, the mana cut does not effect Seshat and she also dispells the purple def buff and the HoT. If you dont have her Malosi can also do the job and i found Inari quite useful as well with a purple stack because her dodge can dodge the mana cut as well. Telluria post nerf is still way more powerful tank than Guin because purple has so many very strong heroes, and Telly has an offensive skill too. Guin does not need a nerf, i actually feel kinda sorry for those who pulled her and dont have other good tanks like Kunchen or Telly and now they see that she is becoming less and less meta.

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Guin has already been nerfed previously

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Twice as I recall.

Lol u start the nerf then Nerfing will affect all , can u please stop asking nerf and try to find a way to defeat her . Always nerf what is going on E&P? Please stop and don’t ruin the game .


Its always easier to call for a nerf than to try and find a way to defeat a difficult foe. Especially Guin who is not even the strongest tank in the game, not even in the top 3.


So what is you don’t have Seshat, don’t have Malosi, dont have inari? I’m left with Sartana, Clarissa, Costumed Domitia, Proteus/Sabina, and an off color healer and hoping for purple. If Guin fires it gets difficult real quick.

Clarification: she is not overpowered and should not be nerfed (Telluria shouldn’t have been either, but that’s another long story).

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Sartana, Clarissa, C. Domitia and Proteus should also do quick work of her

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