Guinevere time to nerf lol

Seeing as how this forum works can I say because I don’t have Guinevere I must demand that she gets nerfed because I’m a big cry baby

I haven’t seen guin in ages. If you find her please help her…


As far as I can remember, she has been nerfed several times already. You may try reading some other posts in this forum. Example: Guinevere - nerf not enough.

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Well, Guinevere can be countered quite easily now (just talk about Seshat for example). She is my main tank, and I don’t win all my defensive raids, I can assure you. She doesn’t need another nerf.


I have looked before and just looked again and still cant find a screenshot or stats, what were her original stats and what was nerfed?

Ill try find it all but I do recall people saying that changing her class was a major point as was a padalin now a wizard.
Actually may of seen it on a video.

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I am still curious as to what Guins original stats were if anyone has a screenshot or numbers that would be great @moderators

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Maybe @Anchor @Razor has the original stats.

I don’t know about the stats, but her original deffence buff against purples was 94%.
They hammered it 3 times I think, to settle with the recent one.

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