Guinevere talent grid – worth developing?

I have a question . My ally has Guinevere wondering about the talent for her or is it worth developing? what will give her a 5% bonus to attack? Do we not understand something? . Thanks for your help.

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Her talent doesn’t synergize well (the say the least), but you can still give her emblems for bonus stats.

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Maybe zeline will be better than Guinevere?

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Zel surely benefits more from the talent. In general, try searching forums, there were some topics discussing on what to do with wizard emblems.
And knowing some people here, we’ll soon be merged into one of them.

Emblems for Zeline is much better idea than emblems for Guin IMO

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I was looking for information but I found only 2 topics in which Guinevere is. We will see maybe they will connect us and I will find more answers :slight_smile:

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I don’t have Zeline. :sob:

My choices of maxed heroes were Guin, Victor, and Hel.

Hel won, hands-down!

Not sure which path I will go next for her, but have seen a slight improvement from the initial upgrade already.

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Hel is a great hero but the talent grid changes everything and nothing is obvious

Giving talents to Guin unfortunately has nothing to do with the ability.

Guin is still the best tank, but like all tanks she is dead if you hit her with 3 purple gems using a purple mono team.

However, you give her all the HP and Armor boosts in the ladder and the story changes. At least for a while until people can field a mono purple team stacked with talents as well.


In addition to useful thoughts in this thread, there’s a lengthy discussion about Guinevere’s usefulness as a Wizard in a few other threads:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic to the first one…or maybe just add a forum category for Wizard Guin :crown:)


Thank you all for help. I think many people are thinking about the same thing

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I have been reading the threads @zephyr1 has provided and I would not merge this post with them. While they go around the topic of Guin being a Wizard, they do not go into the point of deciding if it´s best to spend class emblems on her or on a diferent hero.
I still haven´t reached a conclussion myself. Other heroes could make a better use of the class skill, but the center tank is the single most important position in the game and so far Guin is the best at that job.
Thanks @Renia for bringing up the topic, I am quite interesed in reading opinions

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I gave them to her. I can boost her defense that way.

With Guin as tank and Hel in flank, is it wise to give emblems to Guin to boost defense? Or is it a total waste compared to using with Hel? It may sound like a simple matter but I’m totally unsure.

This is very hard decision, the best probably way can be Hel to +4 and then max Guin.

Thanks Radar. You mean max Guin to 80+20?

It depends how look her last stage/stages, if her +20 is attack then +19 is absolutely enough.


Yes, her last node is +attack, so stop at +19 for the mana.


Thanks @Kerridoc

I was excited to level Hel to 4/80 and when I finally got there I remembered Guin who I’m also leveling. ■■■■ emblem conflicts.

If anything I’ll use a reset emblem although that’ll be a last resort.

Yep, the Wizard category is over-crowded with excellent heroes. Hel, Guin, Zeline, Victor, Onatel, Sartana, Proteus, Kiril…all are A or A+ heroes that I use regularly.

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