Guinevere shooting 7 times her special during one raid

Alby and Ares are garbage in raid defense against certain team comps as they can also be great, this game is simply rock/paper/scissors and you as a player can build different team comps to stack the odds in your favor and the rest is RNG on your board setup and the choices you make as the battle progresses.


Every center is garbage against a well-composed attack team with reasonable boards. Put Panther + 2 Sartana up against Guin, and she won’t last long. Honestly, NO One lasts long against that combo.


Of course the issue with using that combo is getting a Panther and multiple Sartanas. Sadly I have none of either myself, though not for want of spending a bit too much during the last event. :blush:


Actually very few of our top hitters use tornadoes, actually it’s close to zero (in number, not the player) as afaik all are saving those and similar for events.

I’m purely talking damage maximization on titans; whether you agree with using them for titans or not is a different story but yes some players have in the past full mana used Alby or Isarnia or similar off the top.

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If I’ve got a great starting board against titans, I’ll toss a full mana pot on Wu to collect all that extra damage from the first cascade.

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Yeah if I have a truly awesome board, Athena and Wu get pumped when I’m really trying to go for damage for whatever reason.

We’re sort of stuck in Departed on 10’s right now so it’s not as big of a requirement to maximize damage, so typically I’ll just take my 10 - 50k range hits and be fine with it rather than pushing for the gaudy ones our big hitters get.

I’m admittedly a little more lazy than most in game these days.

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Oh, I agree, it’s completely for personal satisfaction. We in Crystal Palace took down a 10* in 12 minutes 8 seconds the other day (blue, at that), and no 10* lasts for long, so it’s certainly not needed to get the kill.

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Some of the rock/paper/scissors are just more powerful than the others. Which is ok, as long as the difference is not too big. But in some cases the heroes are just over the top.
The current HotM is a perfect example how it should be: a cool hero with a unique special, fun to play and when p2w like her, they could go for her. But f2p without her still can compete, can try to get Viv at Tc20 and everyone is happy. This is how to keep the balance.
Alby and Ares are examples when it’s too much, they are just op, plain and simple. People who have Ares and Athena will get a higher titan score almost every time compared to players without such op key heroes.
In raids you can still win from time to time, even without key heroes like Alby. But nonetheless they are a huge advantage so that you won’t find many teams without event heroes and HotM at the top. Maybe you are really good in attacking and have the skill to compete, but your defense team will be still noticeable weaker.
And a top ranking at events is also almost impossible without such heroes.
I hope that the next HotMs will be also not too op, just like Delilah. Because heroes like Hel/Ares/Alby are just too op and they are a danger for the balance of the game.


I present you with exhibit one. Yes, i understand i had a really good board but i have beat Ares/Alberich combos alot more then i have lost and i don’t have some fantastic knock you out team.

The armor changes to titans changed much of that: the damage between athena + jackal/falcon/panther/arthur isn’t very different from grimm/tibby/gore and certainly not Isarnia plus the others.

Actually Isarnia users pencil pretty close to Athena unless spending lots of mana pots: that 2 extra turns is sweet for uptime.

Also not beat this to death, but Ares is getting pulled out of more and more titan comps: high end Volcanic facers are using Kril + 3 blues + Wu, and Gorgon are starting to go BT / Goremek + 2 reds + Wu… notice Athena isn’t even in the second one, when we’re talking max damage.

The meta is shifting, and while your opinions were indeed correct 2 months ago, they do not bear out in practice at the high end of the game where people are roughly equivalently skilled and using variations of these hero mixes.

Also see the recent nerfs to both Ares and Alby among others though these were mostly around raid balance: SG will continue to do this going forward, and as others have suggested beating Ares is pretty routine in the top ranks where everyone has options to counter him; Alby doesn’t fare much better assuming the board is remotely useful but I probably would’ve wiped to Sharan tanking with the board I had earlier tonight haha.

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Ares and Alby are quite weak in the raids if you have a dispeller in the team. in raids i ussualy win 9 out of 10 raids with this two as tanks. Alby is quite weak in the center. And you have tools to counteract. I even like Hel as tank as she is that op as Guinevere at this moment. IS not the same with having the mana still going for 2 heroes or constantly cutting mana for all 5. at this moment Guinevere is way to op compared to the rest of the heroes and i know people who have it see it differently. Even if i would have her i would still think that is way to op as central tank.

I get the debuff stacking part of your statement from our previous 1.8 and 1.9 experiments. Could you explain more about the titan armor changes for those of us who don’t have access to all the data? It seems to me that some titans have become harder to damage but this is just subjective.

Also, what do the high hitters do with yellow titans:
–Athena plus Panther/Tib + another purple plus Wu?
–Boldtusk + Panther/Tib + another purple plus Wu?
–Four purples including Panther/Tib plus Wu?
–Something else?


Guinevere is a bit OP, but it’s not extreme. I think what most bump up against is that you don’t raid against maxed Guinevere unless the team is pretty much 4K plus. (Avalon is relatively recent event, newer players probably couldn’t max her so soon). When you play a team that powerful a bad board can end you. Strategy helps but a 3200 team with Wukong and a generous diamond takes out most 4K teams…

Theres always going to be a hero thats better, if they were all the same the game would be boring as hell. Stop complaining and ruining the game for the rest of us. Guin is easily killed with a good tile board.

I love the dramatic music :slight_smile: Nice use of Leonidas. definitely neutralized Alby. Nat would have been good against him too. btw, My current defense is Alby Athena Ares Sartana Delilah. I routinely get B* slapped by teams with 200+ team strength less. May try out Alby Athena Ares Alasie Delilah when I get her fully leveled. Anyway, Well Done!

I am in full agreement that she needs to be nerfed to slow either that or lower her armor a bit. It’s come to the point if I see her in the middle position even with weaker support if she is maxed I don’t even bother since it’s insanely difficult unless you manage to pull a really sick board. I’m sure the point is the devs make a lot of money when a chance to roll her comes around but come on. She either needs to be slowed down a bit or be significantly vulnerable to a common heros fast attack.