Guinevere shooting 7 times her special during one raid

i am really fed up with this unbalanced hero. I just finished a revenge raid were Guinevere shoots her 7 time special while i managed to shoot 2 special of my heroes before my team gets wiped out because my tiles do not make the insane amount of damage done by heroes normal attack. if this is in the eye of the developers a balanced game and hero than is better to not attack any of the team with Guinevere as tank. Her speed mana should be cut to slow, the change she got last time was just a blow in the wind. Please do not come and comment with the phrase: oh you want her nerf because you do not have it. If i really want her i can get her next time but that is not the reason it should be nerfed.


Yup, she’s pretty strong. That’s really the design of her hero is to survive and stop you from getting your specials. So it isn’t that surprising that you only got 2 off while she had 7 times. Just like Ares she’s very unforgiving if you don’t have a favorable board.

Best advice I can give you is double and triple up on colors you have strong heroes in. Not just purple. If you get a bad start with color tiles you don’t have, so what? Just set yourself up for a good cascade while Guin isn’t doing damage to you and you don’t have Mana in your heroes anyways. When you triple/double on the same colors Guin may die in 1 or 2 turns.


Yes, she is the best tank by far.
But she is pretty useless and boring in all the other aspect of the game, and she was already nerfed once, making her more manageable even without a perfect board.

Soooo… nope, i’m fine as she is.
(P.s. i don’t have her)


hahahaha so just looking for her, why so upset?? she is good n balance already, when i bring 2 purple she fragile already, with wukong or brianne no need special skill just run the purple color she die already… why so upset? how about ares or alberich the game changer, they are more dangerous then guine, its better you double or maybe triple check your team before raid, n the puzzle do the rest…

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@Elips&call_erwin: Yes, there are ways to cope with her, she is not invincible. But that doesn’t mean she is balanced.

I don’t like it either that event heroes and HotM are mostly way too op.

And yes, Ares and Alberich are even worse in terms of balance.
Alby really bothers me. A hero that heals lots of HP and can revive others is already very much op. Why the heck did they additionally bring in a mana boost for all heroes? I cannot understand that. Yeah, I know, they got tons of money because everyone wants to have him. But the balance of the game is gone :frowning:


These heroes all have weaknesses that make them vulnerable. Guin is fragile and can be killed before she charges. Alby builds mana so slowly you have plenty of time to kill him. Ares is useless without two sidekicks.

But if they bother you that much, bring a fast debuffer. And if that is too much hassle, how about this: don’t attack them. No one is making you use your revenge opportunities. Your biggest advantage as an attacker is that you get to choose the teams you want to fight.


I didn’t meant that they bother me when attacking them. But it generally bothers me, that there are HotM which are WAY more powerful than the normal ones. And Alby is op af :wink:

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Different heroes are good for different things.

I’m one of the top 100 players you’re talking about - top 20, a lot of the time - and yes, I have Alby. He’s a delight to raid with.

Guess what? I’m bad at hitting Titans. I mean, shamefully bad. I’m a top 20 raider who often struggles to be in the top 5 Titan hitters in my own alliance.

I have good raiding heroes. I don’t have good heros for hitting Titans. Alby is not the worst possible option, but he is decidedly average.

That’s balance.

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Sorry, edited my post, didn’t notice that you were replying.

Nonetheless I don’t think that Alby is balanced at all, but I guess we are just not of the same opinion there.

Btw: in the hero grading of this 7dd guy he still gets an A for Titans. So when you name that as his weakness and the reason why he is balanced, I am not the only one who disagrees :wink:

The 7DD hero ratings are an excellent piece of work that they have been very generous to share. They are also largely subjective and I disagree with many of them.

But you are right: some people think Alby is good for Titans. He does good tile damage, which is nice. But the slowness of his mana charge means his special is pretty useless unless you want to spend items on it (how profligate!) or get a very lucky board. I grade him B.

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The fact that his special increase mana filling speed makes him a great hero (for titans).
The “hardest part” is to fire him the first time.

Yes, this is what I am saying. The slow mana build cripples him as a useful Titan attacker. If he had a fast special, he’d be a good Titan attacker (with complementary teammates).

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If you bring mana, you can fire him sooner and then all your heroes charge faster. I don’t have Albi, but that is what I would do…


I have just taken the reroll approach anytime I see Guinevere, makes life easier that way.

TL;DR - Change your strategy.

Most of high level raiding gameplay in my experience is chase the tank: bring counters for the tank, double or triple up on color, and kill it before the rest of the defense starts pounding on you.

So people usually match strong tiles against the tank as a viable strategy: if you get a good board and 2/3 purple against Guin that’s still a valid strategy. But I usually get average boards, and that’s a different animal when I’m building my raid teams because I try to optimize for lower than best case scenario.

What I have found though is if I take a more titan oriented perspective, namely clearing out tiles I don’t want and let her fire, as long as I’m not totally dependent on purple tile damage, I can usually then charge up some fast heroes and kill her.

Mana troops do make a difference against Guin too, those fractions of tiles actually matter as I detailed in another thread, but moral of the story is if you’re getting your ■■■ handed to you repeatedly change your tactics. I’m still skittish about going up against Guin after some awful experiences in beta, but since changing my tactics I’m winning against her in the top 100 at basically the same ratio as I do against the other tanks over the past several weeks… which is to say most of the time.

Still don’t like her but she’s not above the other top tier tanks for raids, really comes down to what your raid comp is in facing any of the tanks and I’ve started struggling more with Ares than any other tank lately but part of that is just streaky boards.

Course there’s one high level player who is now just doing 5 purple against Guin and obliterating pretty much everyone… I created a monster when he saw my all yellow defense apparently haha, say hi to Dator for me @Kerridoc !


Your approach is correct, I think: when I’m desperate for a decent score that’s certainly what I do. But if it takes manual mana charging to make a hero effective against Titans then that hero is nowhere near an A, in my book.

Yes, 0-100 mana with items its a poor strategy.

Usually I don’t even use mana potion as my alliance kill (shame on me, shame on my cow, shame on my alliance) 6 :star: titans with ease, but when i bring them its only to 1use/cap mana.
I also try to ghost tiling near the weak point when its on border, achieving good results.

Keeping gems while tracking the amount of “mana left to cap” also helps.

People in Departed do it; looking at their scores, I wouldn’t call it bad, I’d simply call it expensive from a consumable standpoint.

If you can afford it from hardcore farming, Mazel Tov.


I bet they even uses more expensive tornadoes to quickly fill mana across their heroes and I don’t doubt that they score great but even if a strategy works it don’t mean that its a good one.

With poor strategy I was intending, as you pointed out, that it only burn trough your material storage to achieve not so good results, like the ones who at the start of the fight would fill & fire a Boril instead of bringing dragon banners and keeping the potions to heal lately.

If items farming/usage > 1 then gz and go on, simply it isn’t the best way to use mana potion (poor even if effective strategy), and the item’s fight slot number isnt that great.

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I don’t know, i kinda start to like fighting no damage heroes like Alberich/Ares/Gwinevre/Vivica as central.
Statistically they give me less problems of the various Marjana/Sartana/Lianna or even Thorne lately then Gwin :neutral_face:

But this is probably due the fact that i mostly fight with 4* heroes, and they can suffer serious damage from them.

Maybe if i had a 5* team for attack, the Marjana/Sartana special make me only smile, i don’t know.