Guinevere pulled 5 times?!?


Spend 250 $ didn t get her , just 4 lance and 4 merlin so i m done :))) good luck with guin


The odds are really low. Someone worked out the numbers and figured that it takes 246 pulls on average to get a specific 5* event hero. Obviously some people will get it with much less and even on just one pull. Others will spend twice as much as that and not even get the one they want.

One thing that I’ve always found weird is the high occurrence of people that get two of the same 5* event hero in one 10 pull. There seems to be a little wonkiness in the RNG sometimes.


It could be photoshopped? If so the person is getting what they seek. Attention! Lol

I’m happy my question was answered before I invested in another Guin so if it’s fake it has worth to me :blush:


I just find it hard to believe that it wouldnt have at least one different troop…like a different type of yellow troop or any at another level…seems to easy to have been faked (and that means I don’t have to kill myself for wasting $40 on 3* heroes LoL)


Technically, since we don’t permit “naming or shaming” here, I ought to close this thread.

It is possible to look up the player and see what he has and draw your own conclusions. Mine is “spender”.