Guinevere or Musashi?

Got enough to fully lvl one! But which??

For what use? Raids? Titans? Events? AW?

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Hi Sleeper, I’m guessing an addition to Alliance wars and potentially my raid team.

I have Joon just wanted another

I’d do Gwen if you already have Joon. I have none of the 3 though but have played Gwen in beta - she’s a killer tank, which is important on a defense team for AW.


Ehm, just wait a bit more mh? :rofl:

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Good point!! I’ll wait

Wait wait. you wont be disappointed on waiting :slight_smile:

And while you wait, give me the Damascus Blade you were about to use please.



Oh I know I won’t be disappointed… it’s skipped my mind. I’ve got 12… more than happy to share.


Twelve D blades!!! I need a shoulder to cry on

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I read here: the next HOTM is amazing…

Can you spoiler a litte more? :laughing:

Nope, that’s not exactly what he means.

Wind of change

So I am more intrigued! :thinking:

But I assume you will not say more and I have to wait… :zipper_mouth_face:

I don’t own either one (lord knows I tried to get Guinevere, but no cigar), but just fighting against them…I’ve never had any issues against Musashi, honestly, I would rather have two Joons. Guinevere on the other hand. Man, she can be very annoying with all of that regenerating, etc…Some of my worst matches…


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