Guinevere or Delilah?

Got enough to ascend one fully… which one?

My vote is with Guinevere. My main concern with Delilah is that her minions’ animation stalls attacks, which makes her a poor choice against titans or in challenge events, where time and “flow” matter. Guinevere is more versatile


That was my thoughts… the one off 33% heal is the big appeal to me. If run as the tank in raids/ alliance war, she could be a pain?!

Another vote for Gwen, though for raids I think they are both pretty great if that is your thing :slight_smile:

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My Titan and challenge yellows are set. Don’t need to add. This is purely for raid/ AW purposes

In beta I found Gwen still way more annoying than Delilah, at least in defense teams, even after the nerf.


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