Guinevere obsolete or no?

Whatever works i guess

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I have the exact same thought whether Guin has now become obsolete or not… Been thinking to strip her emblems and feed on other wizards. I guess I have not been feeling happy these days with so much losing in raids. But we’ll see…

Yo face is obsolete!


Com’on. Guin is still the best tank in the game.
Remove the toxic feature named emblem and you will start seeing her dominates at the top of the leaderboard again.

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I thought you retired :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: nice to see you back at it. What did you do with your wizard emblems? Did you keep them on Guin or move them?

I pulled Guin when she was released and she was my second maxed 5*.

I used her on offense for well over 2 years till she finally rotated out to my B team. If fighting purple war tanks, she comes out of retirement. I still believe she is underrated as an offensive hero.

As a tank, Guin was always in a state of decline as players would stack their bench just to defeat her. While others complained, many learned to make her a non-issue. She fell further as SG released a wave of purple heroes seemingly tailor-made to stomp her.

Obsolete? No. Only heroes I believe are obsolete are those that didn’t have a place to begin with. Has she declined? Sure, but again, will probably be the fate of all heroes over time.


They are on Anzogh and Hel now. Guin is retired :slight_smile:

Miss you bud!

Hel I guessed as much but was surprised about Anzogh, i would have guessed Zeline. Is it because of Telluria war tanks to have stronger Fire hero? I miss being there but the time commitment is too.much for me right now.

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Yeah Anzogh is really good in this meta with the Tellu tanks

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