Guinevere obsolete or no?

No regrets at all. I have one Alfrike at +19 and another at +4. Offensively, I deploy them both alongside Kage, Seshat and Kunchen in a purple mono, and it work wonders.

Defensively, Alfie is flanking Yunan right now, but later she’ll be tank with Costumed Magni and Drake Fong as flanks.

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Yes most of the top alliances have gone with Telluria because they have all spent ■■■■ loads of money to get her. Telluria is the best tank in the game and if you can freely choose a tank, you will most likely choose her.

However, I can still not see how this would make Guin obsolete in any way.

Your question is “Do you see any reason to tie up emblems on Guinevere or do you even see her having a role in the game anymore.” The answer is yes, you should emblem Guin if you intention is to use her as your tank in Wars and/or Raids. And yes, she has a role in the game as one of the best tanks out there.

Personally I would move the emblems to another hero. If you ever need Guinevere back as a tank you can make the swap again.

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We do tank color rotation, so my emblems will be kept on her.

Isarnia and Alfrike will have to wait for more wizard emblems. Kiril snd Proteus want some, too.

I spread my emblems all over my roster to be competitive in every situation. No need to strip, swap and throw resources into fast changes. The game is a grind.

I don’t notice much difference between a +90 and a +50 def.


Guin is not obsolete as a raid tank. However, by way of availability of her vs Ursena vs Telluria, I have to imagine that she has very little place as an alliance war tank at this point. Telluria being a hero of the month was way more widely available, Ursena being in a monthly portal is more available, Guin is available like 6-8 days a year…The biggest thing in alliance war is strength in uniformity. With this being said, I believe it is clear:

  1. Telluria
  2. Ursena
  3. Guin

A last note on guin, many players have been building strong purple rosters for 2+ years to combat her, now Telly and Ursena have yet another advantage over her as Reds and Yellows, were, in general, less focused on. As well as, they tend to have weaker heroes in their pools…



Got my Guin on +18 and also some other wizards like Hel. When I got here she was best tank in the game and I striped Hel to give here emblems. After some time I moved here from defense but still she has all my wizard emblems on here.

I still use here a lot specially against purple tanks. Will finish here to max as I spent so many money on here no other hero can even come close to here.

To bad for Hel she needs to wait new emblem cycle but from principal I will get here max, who knows maybe she will be buffed some time in the game.

This seems like the sunk cost fallacy at its finest.

Sunk cost fallacy . Individuals commit the sunk cost fallacy when they continue a behavior or endeavor as a result of previously invested resources (time, money or effort) (Arkes & Blumer, 1985). … For example, individuals sometimes order too much food and then over-eat just to “get their money’s worth”.



Imo there’s only one thing dividing great tanks from average ones, are they going down by 3 or 4 mono tiles, which is a huge difference (I know, pros (millionaires) attack 3-2) Guin needs 4, so she’s still great :slightly_smiling_face:


This is so true, but in differences to Telluria Guineviere was special event hero and need few thousand pulls to finally get here maybe spent on here 3-4k dollars in two cycles I tried to pull here. That is hell more then 50-100 dollars for Telluria.

I agree she is not best but I really do think she is still one of the best.

Really hope they buff here in some new versions.

Hi clueless!!! I have been holding off on moving emblems off on Guin until any and all rebalancing was done, just in case, lol. I am ham poor at the moment, but might move them after the next update or two.

I have her with 18 emblems. I use her exclusively at raid defense tank. Really dont use her offensively except maybe on my 5th or 6th raid war team as my heros have dwindled down from the previous flags used.

I usually hover around 2600 cups after a night of raids against my team.

HI D2z, I miss you guys, I see alot of the old gang has returned. Still creep on you all once in a while. Tell everyone at 7D I say hi. I am ham poor as well and with telluria maxed and at L18 I feel my wizard emblems would best be used on other heroes. Like my 2 Hels :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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I miss you a ton! :slight_smile: Will say hello to everyone for you!!

Edited to add: I finally got Hel, and she will probably get some of them when I can decide, lol. She has just 3 levels so far.

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Who would you put emblems on jf zeline or guin.
My alliance swaps tanks. Kingston is emblemed so green on defence is taken and have no emblems on holy or fire.

Highly highly advise…stop doin this…

Which tank colors do you guys rotate?


First things first…if you dont have telluria or Ursena and you use Guin as a war tank then I would emblem her. If not then assuming JF and Zeline arent in your raid or war defense I would split between the 2 of them. If one of them is is your defense roster put them all.on that one.

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Exactly what i was already leaning towards but figured I’d cover the bases first. Think that’s safe bet tho

No, it’s fun and we even do rainbow sometimes.

It’s a game to have fun, you’ll never get anything else from it.


Why ask for advice if you’re not tryin to win?

I don’t understand…

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Yes, everybody always try to win, but the only payback of any effort is fun, no matter if you’ll win or not.

So why not chase more fun for a little bit less victory? :wink:


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