Guinevere obsolete or no?

For a long time Guinevere was the tank of choice and many used there wizard emblems on her, but with the release of Telluria even after the nerf it appears as if she is here to stay.
The question is Do you see any reason to tie up emblems on Guinevere or do you even see her having a role in the game anymore.
Some may use her on offense but I believe the bulk of the the upper echelon of player would consider her for defensive purposes only.
Whatever will happen to this medieval gem, only time will tell.

Personally I fight against a lot of people using Emblem Guin, and most times I have trouble with her so I would say she is not obsolete at all. She is just as annoying as Telluria if you don’t get the tiles you need.


She’s one of the best tanks in the game. Why would she go from a top3 tank to not having a role in the game because of the entrance of Telluria?


Only reason i would emblem her again is if Saders went back to yellow tanks

If your alliance isn’t using yellow tanks in war then there’s no reason to emblem or level her but would keep her around just in case

There are no indestructible tanks - you have to pick one :man_shrugging:t3:

She’s still very good on defence, I’d swap out my justice in a heartbeat.


She will get her tank status weakened even more when seshat comes in the atlantis pool next month.
Because seshat is the total antiguinevere. Immune to manaburn and even dispels guinis buffs.

Still she has use and is a good tank.

But several heroes that used to be very good tend to have the same direction as guini.
Farewell aegir and kunchen.

But also, some of them might get a great revival.

For example some of our war defenses with aegir had brynhild next to him. Due to her undispellability aegir stood like a rock and regulary takes 4 or 5 enemy flags.

So if a 5 Star fast hero comes up with a similar effect, aegir is instantly restored as fantastic tank.

Maybe some hero can built synergy with guini, but thats faaar in the future.


And this is a problem of Guin. She is mediocre everywhere except tank role. So, if you have another tank (or more universal hero, which can keep diamond as tank) or you run non-yellow war tanks, I see no reason even for ASCEND Guin.
And in this case simple Sartana or even Kiril will be better target of emblems.

In my honest opinion, obsolete- NO.
Still a really good tank - but basically can only realistically sit in the centre position. A bit like Justice is just a tank.
Unfortunately as more and more heroes become available that counter her, then the less effective she may become overtime.
But if you have her and you run with a yellow tank in war she will be great for you


There is Seshat and there is Malosi. Both great against Guin.
She is imo no 2 tank in the game.

Guin is still a fantastic tank. A HOTM being a strong counter to that (Seshat) doesn’t change anything.

As I don’t own her, I can’t comment on how she does on offense. From what I’ve read here and elsewhere, it’s not spectacular.

If I had her, and my ally used Yellow tanks, I’d emblem her. Regular raid tanks don’t need to be great, just adequate.

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Ooof … while currently its possible to boost heroes to 19 talents, i think that drake fong or maybe even neith, could keep up with guini.
Maybe also sif?

Malosi doesnt help with guini, cause she will still steal mana.

But the same problem occurs on telluria. I think she has also just the tank spot. And thats how good tanks should be designed.

Its a bit sad, that most alliances go on green tanks, cause there is just no logical cause not to do so.

At this point I always shout out for other random war buffs or “alliance buffs”, that boost some explicit tank color for the upcoming war by 30% defense and/or mana speed.
In that case, top alliances would need 5 good tanks in their portfolio, which potencially would crack up the pvp GTV defenses too. :wink:

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Still awesome but I am not afraid of her anymore since Aegir were buffed. She is dangerous when embleme’d but people does not seems to want to use their emblems on her.

So my question to you now is if you have telluria and you are using her on your raid and war team donyou keep guin emblemed or shift those emblems elsewhere.

Correct you have to pick one. So if you have telluria and use her in raid and war then do you keep guin emblemed.

Shift elsewhere.
Normally you should heavily emblem your defense setup and spread the other emblems on your roster.

For example its much more useful to use a team with three seshats +7 than one seshat+20 and two seshat +0
Because as soon as one seshat falls, all slash hits and specials now focus 4 instead of 5 targets. Having 5 surviving heroes help a lot because taken damage spreads out better and give you better chances to win the fight

Your right she is still a top 3 tank but with Guin she is only good as a defensive tank. She is mediocre at best in any other position offence or defense. Most of the top alliances have gone to telluria tanks for war and raids, guin can only compete now if emblemed and are you keeping a #3 tank emblemed that you rarely use? Thise emblems could be better spent elsewhere, correct?

Guin is great, but I decided to move her emblems to Alfrike.


I was just thinking the exact same thing :rofl:

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For all those who didn’t get Telluria (and for whom the chances are slim to none now) Guin is still available and still top notch.


@Bruno82, I know this is a little off topic, but since you mention stealing the emblems from Guin (see it’s on topic :slight_smile:) and placing them on Alfrike…I need to pull the trigger on either Alfrike or Killhare. How has Alfrike worked for you, any regrets?

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