Guinevere - nerf not enough

I know I’ve posted about this before but now that I’m hearing there is a slight nerf for her I’m going to raise it again. She is way overpowered and a slight healing nerf is not going to make a difference. The Top 10 to 20 players that are consistently sitting there all have her as her tank. Others will pop in and out but the consistent names that you see all have her. This makes NO sense in the game. If she was significantly weaker then the top players would actually have to think about their defense and it would make it more challenging. It’s silly that as soon as you get to 2600 cups all you basically face in Guin over and over if you are looking to attack players above you. I understand that they make a fortune off of her but make the game more interesting, make players have to think about different options for there defense heroes.

Just my 2 cents worth!


Hmm. There will always be “the top of the card heap”…does that mean that every time a card happens to be best, we cull it? Or just this one?

(I’m not saying you’re wrong, btw, just asking a slightly different question…)


I didn’t read this except the title but can safely assume that you are wrong/ salty. Dont do anything to Guin. She is a great hero as a tank but is very bad at anything else. She is balanced and a worthy event hero (no I dont have her but have fought a ton of her). Dont listen to this post.


Zeline was culled. As with others as they were proven to be too strong.

I don’t have a problem with the HP regen and the defense for the nearby allies. But then you throw in an AOE of the mana by 20% which makes her too strong. The mana regen should be only be against a target and nearby enemies and not all heroes or reduce the mana regen.

@Eddard - Try doing 23-11 with Guin? You still think she isn’t good at anything else?


Agreed. The proposed upcoming nerf is very small and she will still be OP.

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Ill like to kill her. I am looking for player who have her… it is easy to kill her.


She is very difficult when paired with a Gravemaker and zeline! This forces you to use triple purple a red and blue . but then they run 2 purples on the outsides and you can’t even put in a yellow…

This is what usually works for me if i get lucky with my gems.

I did it before like you and then… chmm i am not use red and blue…:wink:

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I use 3 greens and 2 blues (alby, lianna, zeline, isarnia, and kiril) against Guin (and any other team as I am to lazy to change my attack team up)

I think nerfing a hero that a lot of players have already bought is unfair. People paid it of gems just to get a chance to get them then change their stats. That is false advertising.


If one hero gives an unfair advantage, then create more that can defeat her rather than downgrade the heroes abilities.

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I pointed this out in beta, as have others, but the best way to nerf is to buff other heroes, not nerf them. It’s all psychology…


I asked a side question of you here:

Beating Guinevere?

I don’t find her difficult to defeat with an average or better board. I don’t even change my heroes out against her. It is just my standard attack team. With a terrible board, I can lose to teams far worse than mine, so those results are not factored into my thoughts about her.

Please feel free to answer the question on the other thread, including the regular heroes you would use. :slight_smile:

Balance ist important, so some nerv is total okay. All the players who are spending a lot of money and thinking this is more than a simple game…just for fun… are poooor. Spend more and more and cry louder and louder. Only spend amounts that really dont matter, IT IS nothing more than a small mobile game, with some Bits and Bytes

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As we have New heros all The time. I think that we can have some that make it easier to kill her. It’s more important that other 5* like Owl and Boss Wolf gets some upgrade that’s make them see game.


Balance is very important to keep this game going. I read that Boss Wolf was nerfed in Beta because he was too strong besides Guin. So now we are nerfing heroes to make them basically useless because of guin. It’s clear that she needs to be nerfed and others improved to make this game balanced. However, since SG just raised $41 million in further investments they will be forced more so to keep rolling in the money. This will for sure prevent them from nerfing key heroes as the amount that they made on the last Guin craziness will stop them from doing such. My guess is the event comes back sooner than later again so they can repeat. As we know it is a business and shareholders demand ROI.

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It should be Next event.

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The world map levels are easy.

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