Guinevere is not untouchable

  1. I find this very difficult to believe.
  2. Unfortunately, I can’t argue that you are wrong because I have no data.

Grr. I suppose I have to assume that you’re right. Grr. Have you tested this properly, or are you just relying on players’ impressions? Grr. No chance that this is just players’ overactive imaginations? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

[Eyeballs explode because of escalating intra-cranial pressure.]

it’s been so long since i joined can’t personally tell the difference but i know that my 7dd account gets attacked at least twice as much as my other account, despite being in the same cup range and having more notable heroes (guin gravemaker zeline albi etc).

and yes every single new member has made a comment on how much more they get attacked when joining 7dd from a non 7d alliance. i don’t grill them on numbers but it’s been literally every single one since i moved from Reborn to Departed last November.

I’m going to assume, because you spend more on your 7dd account, that you have a better selection of attack heroes to choose from, and therefore typically peak at a higher cup level than your alt account. Wouldn’t this make you a juicier target, more tempting for opponents to hit despite your stronger defensive team? I can’t speak for the universe of players, but I know that when I’m attempting to improve my ranking I mainly choose opponents based on how many trophies defeating them will earn me.

This wouldn’t explain the comments of your teammates, but I’m less inclined to accept their comments at face value than yours. (To your credit, you have a history of being both rational and right.)

Everyone want to beat the champion, so having an increased defense log by being in a well known alliance is not impossible :slight_smile:

Yes i have spent way more on 7dd account, but being a good raider, both my accounts generally end up the night in roughly the same cup range. I also got attacked more when i was in my forum posting heyday months ago, though that could be explained by a lot of other factors not related to people wanting to hit the forum loud mouth.

For you to be right, players would have to be actively re-rolling until they found opponents from alliances they recognised, or at least choosing not to re-roll when they recognised the alliances of potential opponents. I find that enormously difficult to believe, but I’m often very wrong about what motivates people. I must accept that I could be wrong about this.

I’d love to see some proper analysis, but until that magically appears I have to concede that you’re in a much better position to know than I am.

To me when players reroll cloned teams (ex. Alaise - Gravemaker - Guinevere - Zeline - Sartana) and keep finding the same teams over and over they start looking even player’s and alliance’s names…

or they will search tough and “recognized opponents” while filming their videos.

I’m sure they attack them more just for being 7DD, I do not think it’s for anything personal, just to win the best, that Zero counts the number of attacks he will suffer, he can not believe that someone who comes out will give him a following without try it On the subject Guin, I have always been surprised that Domitia is not more popular in the game because of Guin, strong color against it that also benefits beneficial states, after Panther should be its worst rival. And now changing a little third, before they named Zeline, if they had a limited budget of C2P and had to go for a green, would they go for Zeline or for Alby?

Healers who put a elemental defense buff are excellent: Guinevere, Kashhrek
Attackers who put a elemental defense buff aren’t the best: G. Kong, Perseus, Domitia, Boomer, (Agwe?)

Morgan Le Fay… is between them. Personally I like her.

I use Domitia 100% of the time against Guin, not for the holy defense buff, but for the debuff to take that healing and dark defense buff off her and her flanks.

People keep bringing up the same overused defense of guin about how she is beatable. It doesn’t matter if she’s beatable. What matters is how much she negatively effects the game. This is a game of random tiles everything is beatable…

The problem with guin is
A) she is by far the best tank in game and makes diamond level and wars monotonous and boring.
B) she also makes flanking hero’s or other tanks a problem. So they are nerfed becuase of thier interaction with her.
C) she is the ONLY hero in game that people recommend color stacking to reliably defeat.

None of the above should exist.

Even if they don’t nerf guin. SGG needs to address this problem. By creating other tanks that rival guin without being broken next to guin… so far every attempt to create another tank is failing miserably in beta due to Guinevere. I don’t think gravemaker is broken(he actually would have been easier to handle if aegir was decent being blue is his weak color), I don’t think zeline is broken. However Guinevere clearly causes issues that no other hero in game causes. Address that however you like however the fact guin has been beaten is completely irrelevant.


You seem to be the only person who is acting upset and making assumptions on the forum. Speaks more about you then me.

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Naaaah…not at all…I’m always smiling…hence the name…

Just proving my point about flagging my statements…it changes nothing :smile:

If you want to act the assumption, and claim you don’t care if people think you are an assumpion, you’ll be judged to be an assumption, with no help from anyone but your own assumption.

Forum Rules apply; please follow them so no action needs to be taken against your assumption.



Thing is Rook…you came in on the assumption end of the entire post. If what I had said earlier waaaaay at the beginning of this post wouldnt have been flagged…you’d known where the “3 letters in assumption” originated. So now you’ve also made yourself look like an assumption for assuming this was about me caring that people judged me to be the 1st 3 letters in assumption.

So let me break it down to you in a nutshell.

I made a statement about Guin at how she is not unbeatable…someone by the name of Sanchezsam2 made a statement about how “I added nothing knew to the conversation” of a million other post about beating Guin as if I had been apart of those million other conversations and “ASSUMED” I was.

I merely stated that “people that make assumptions end up looking like the 1st three letters of that word”

Someone or He didnt like it so he or they flagged it. I posted it again…and it got flagged again. I posted that being flagged doesn’t change the statement and that was flagged also.

So here we are…so by all means delete the entire post if you want. It still doesn’t change my view, statement, or opinion but what it will show if you do…is that clearly you/they dont like those who stand their ground and might I add in a respectful way by not cursing or really getting dirty about it.

So…will you delete/flag this statement too…or will you be an assumption about it :joy:?

As a moderator, I am given flags to moderate. Sometimes, the respectful tone of the poster makes me disagree with the flag. Other times, based on the tone, I may agree.

If you’ve been repeatedly flagged and deleted, yet repeat the same comment, perhaps that may be where the error lies.

(Yes, I am aware of flag-bias, and some flaggers find themselves getting flagged for flagging. No assumptions needed.) :wink:

As always, please check Forum Rules if you think you are being treated unfairly, and use the @Coppersky or @Rook to ask a Mod to take a look.

No need to check the rules. I am quite aware of the rules thus my respectful remarks.

On the other hand, If a person can not handle a clean and might I add witty response with a play on words, then clearly I shall be flagged in the future. I digress good sir or madam…I dont want to assume…and I meant that as the word in the dictionary term.

Enjoy your week. :sunglasses:


20 characters :wink:

The only real solution here is to create an exclusionary hero selection.

Heavy Tank

so if you have Guin, you cannot have her paired with other ‘heavy tanks’ like bosswolf, aegir, etc. This would open up the possibility of having different combinations of heroes, but no conflicts.

This way nothing gets nerfed, and we can look forward to more diverse ‘heavy tank’ options in the future.


That’s brilliant, actually!

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