Guinevere 3-70 or Max 4* Tank?

Well I suck as I can loose to any hero. Then again my best was 36th of the world so its odd how that matches with those clamoring how they never loose to this or that hero.

Tbh your team must be truly amazing if Alby goes of twice and 2 GMs go of for eight times and you win easily.

Really amazing, one would almost say unbelievable :wink:


The gravemakers fired 4 times, not 8. Alby reviving Aegir obviously is not impactful… because Aegir.

Most people win 90%+ of their raids while attacking, that’s just how raids work. If you’re sitting around 2600 you get top 100 by just winning 6 raids in a row (which really should be most of the time if you avoid Guin).

I could record raids against Aegir for you, but honestly there’s nothing impressive with beating Aegir with a maxed 5 star team… Here’s a video of someone else beating a bunch of maxed 5 star teams with Aegir tanks using 4 stars.

Full disclosure: I surprisingly also find a video of someone losing to an Aegir on youtube, but it looked like they were making poor moves on purpose (hard to tell). To be fair, Aegir is about as good as a 4 star tank so it’s not impossible to lose… just hard if you have a decent team.

Anyway, Aegir has nothing to do with this topic and there’s already been plenty of discussion on why he’s a bad tank so I’m going to stop here…

Danielox w tej części nie piszemy po polsku tylko po angielsku . Pozdrawiam

I hope you guys are enjoying my thread.

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With a rainbow team, don’t forget lmao

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