Guinevere 3-70 or Max 4* Tank?

I was fortunate to pull Guin this event after spending way too many gems trying for Arthur. My current defense team is:

Caedmon - Rigard - BT - Grimm - Hansel

My question is whether or not 3-70 Guinevere is a stronger tank than max BT? She has slightly worse stats but she is yellow and has a way better special for defense.

I ask about 3-70 because I only have 3 darts right now so its going to take some time to max her.

Send a picture of her current stats

I havent gotten her there yet but here are the stats:

Guin 3-70 - 562/654/1132
BT 4-70 - 588/711/1107

They are pretty similar as you can see. BT has the stat edge but the big difference is Guin being yellow so, harder to stack against, and her special is stronger.

I say Guin but I’m open to other points of view!

Seems good enough to tank but it also depends on team chemistry. How would you build around Guin tank?

I would go Guin. I think the mana hit to enemy heroes is more difficult to work around than an attack buff :slight_smile:

I’d probably go:

Caedmon - Rigard - Guin - Khiona (4-40) - Grimm

I’m working on Evelyn and Zimkitty for future flanks. Other options fully leveled are Hansel, Jackal, BT, Kiril, Wilbur. Grimm is prly the best of that bunch, or just go 2 green 2 purple and stick with Hansel.

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Maybe Guin on 3^70 can be better tank tham maxed BT, but when I see 5* hero on 3^70 as a tank I’m like “Oh, some free heroes for my chest”


I agree, a 3-70 5* is a flashing red light for me to attack but Guin is Guin. She may be the exception to the rule. I’m going to experiment regardless but I thought its worth discussing here.

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Ive used Guin for a long time. I got her pretty early when I began playing the game and put her to work at 3-70. Attacks on my tower went down probably over 50%. Im guessing because most people quickly hit that reroll button without looking.

BT flanks Guin very well. I just now replaced him as my flank with Mitsuko, but it could go back if I see things going down (so far they are not). BT also served very well as my war tank for a few weeks when running Reds.

I have a lot of interesting choices for flanks. Rigard and Khiona make the most sense color wise but I agree BT would also work. Khiona/BT is somewhat redundant though. I’m not sure Rigard/BT is threatening enough…but it sure would take a long time to kill.

I need another outside fast option to replace Hansel. Triton is almost done he could work, Grimm is too slow outside. Evelyn and Zimkitha are halfway there but prly a month out.

Caedmon - Zimkitty - Guin - Khiona - Evelyn

That’s my goal until I get a blue 5. I could sub in a 4* healer for Khiona if needed but I dont think it will be. That should work fine for low diamond.

Leveling Zim above Wilbur is IMHO insane. Wilbur+Guin: Unbreakable Fortress.

And considering Wilbur is much more dangerous than Zim there’s no reason to use her except in a stack. I honestly don’t see Zim as anything special. Her special is nice but won’t turn a battle and a riposte hero shuts her down hard. OTOH, if Wilbur goes it’s pretty much game over (if only it might take a while).

Indeed, with all the drama around Aegir, I personally think Zim is in contention for being the weakest HOTM.

Not sure who you’re talking to about leveling Wilbur over Zimkitty. I have him 4-70.

I think you’re in the very small minority saying Zimkitty is weak…in fact you’re the only one who hasnt said shes worth the rings. She has good stats, attack buff, elemental link, only 5* full team cleanse, oh yea and that’s all on fast mana. She is strong.

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For a HOTM, weak. Let me explain.

  1. Stats: Great
  2. Attack buff: Difficult… It overwrites Ares/Boldtusk.
  3. Elemental Link: Nice, but mwah.
  4. Cleanse… nice, but not as good as a healer with cleanse. With Rigard/Vivica/Kiril you can wait till the debuff hits. With ZIm? You can’t wait as that means postponing the damage.
  5. Fast Mana: Great.

Compared with Zeline? Not as good.
Ares? Not as good.
GM? Not as good
Evelyn, Hel, Athena, Delilah, Drake? Well, we know the answer.

So considering most HOTMs are stronger, we can only conclude she’s not a strong HOTM.

For the record, that’s not just me; Anchor who is cautiously optimistic on new heroes (he ranks them to high in his own words) only gave her an A in attack. Other cats it’s B. Compare that to other HOTMS, it’s very obvious she just isn’t as good as other HOTM’s.

For the rings? Well the only red TC20 hero that is better is Marjana (and doesn’t bite her), so sure, she’s worth the rings. But considering her synergy in a red stack is dificult due to her actually weak attack-buff, other red event/HOTM’s should probably get precedence.

I’ll agree with you if we are comparing her to Ares and GM. I unfortunately dont have either, I started after they were released and havent had any luck via atlantis.

My other red options are Azlar, Khagan, and Elena whom I feel are all eh.

Absolutely true.

And between you and me, I think Aegir is certainly a better blue tank than any other TC20 blue (though I certainly value Isarnia and Magni above him in general). People who say he’s worse than say a Kashrek are hysterical (though he certainly is lacking compared to other HOTM tanks).

So even arguably the worst HOTM (Aegir) is still a good hero (all drama aside), so as I said, Zim worth rings? Sure, if it scratches your itch. It’s definitely a hero that is usable in many, many situations. Indeed, if I draw Obakan I might also just suck it up and level him considering I’m still blank at purple.

Play what you have :slight_smile:

I love facing Kashrek tanks. Red stacking is so powerful with Wilbur/Falcon + any other red and it’s lights out. Those are obviously specialized heroes not everyone has access too but they ruin Kashrek.

I personally prefer tanks who are threatening in some way rather than a wall to ram tiles into to charge my specials. I think BT is a much scarier 4* tank than Kashrek.

Yea Zim is my best red option for now. Barring a miracle Ares/GM miracle pull during Atlantis she will most likely get my current set of rings.

I’m not sure about that, Kashrek may actually be better as a tank. The thing with Aegir is that he can actually make your defense weaker - no other hero in the game does that. I actually try to trigger his special on purpose so that I can kill his flanks.

Every tanks special can be played against (except Guin due to her immediate manaslam). Ares can be dispelled by quite a few heroes and every tank (including Guin) does not like a Ramming pulverizer in it’s face.

But I see more and more Aegirs in low diamond and there are no Kashreks at that level. Indeed if you see a four star tank at that level it’s the rare Boril. Indeed, you see more Aegir around 2400-2500 than Richard, Justice or Horgall.

And yeah, I lost a few times against Aegir (then again, I lost against many tanks, sometimes it just goes pearshaped no matter what), so I changed my mind about him.

Sure, other HOTM Tanks beat Aegir hands down, but the drama about him seems out of proportion. He is actually a solid tank.

I understand I’m an outlier being a bit harsh on Zim and less down on Aegir, but there you have it. Am I an authority? Not really, though I do have Zim and Ares and rank in the top 100 quite often. So my perspective of the last two months is indeed the 2400-2600 range.

Oh and I just got beaten terribly by a team with Zim, so my opinion is as suspect as can be.

Do you see much Richard in low Diamond? I live in the 2200-2400 range while I level my 5s. I ask because when in start pulling for blues if he’s worth dropping scopes on if I don’t find a Magni/Isarnia or Atlantis past hotm. I’d probably flank him next to Guin.

He seems meh but lots of beef.

There’s a difference between a hero’s special being reduced in effectiveness (or in some cases completely cancelled out) with the proper counter specials and a special making the team weaker (you’re better off not having the ‘buff’ than having it on def). The only other similar example is Wilbur who also is a huge liability on defense.

Probably because he’s new and interesting? I still see 4 stars around 2600 and imo most of them do a better job tanking than Aegir. I just fought an (all maxed) Alby, Gravemaker, Aegir, Gravemaker, Lianna team where the gravemakers fired 4 times and Alby fired twice (reviving both gravemakers and Aegir) and I still won easily with a rainbow team despite a very average board. Not sure how much better a 4* tank could have done, but it would have at least been comparable. I’ve yet to lose to an Aegir no matter how bad of a board I get - I feel like I have a 6th hero on my team.

That said, as someone with both Aegir and Zim I think they’re both interesting heroes mostly because they’re actually unique. They have some uses, I just think defense isn’t one (especially for Aegir).

If you have a Guin tank you’ll be fine staying ~2500 at the very least regardless of what other heroes you put up. Richard does sometimes show up, but mostly as a tank. He’s an average hero, not amazing but also not bad.

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