Guin & Viv war attack

Have found Viv supported by Guin an awesome attack team, apologise if stating the obvious. More lethal with costumed Viv. … now with more focus on more recent HOTM tanks, emblemed Guin provides resilience to attack potential.

Interesting. You attack with Vivica and Guinevere? What are the teams against which you use that lineup? Who else is in the lineup?

I have Guinevere and Vivica, but never considered using both on an attack team. I’m curious about how they work together.

Seshat says, bring 'em on :japanese_ogre:

They don’t have much attack between them…who are you attacking? Who else do you bring? Doesn’t seem like a great combo to me except to prolong your own death.

That’s a lot of tiles you need to get going though :/. And even if you fire both, nobody dies, they are only inconvenienced.

Don’t get me wrong, attacking with any ascended five is usually worth it, I’m just not seeing how these two really help when put together, and it seems fairly passive (other than the defense down of the costume)

I found Viv too slow to be consistently useful - tankier hero’s who were usually still going would get a refresh, but she fires too late to help save the spicier attackers (high atk, low def/HP).
But that was running her alone.

Where Vivica was often ineffective except in tanky/grindy teams, the combination of Delilah and cRigard or Puss or Telluria all at average has been something of a revelation.
It’s faster enough to make a difference and having them in different coloured pairs removes the need to rely on just one colour, once one of the two gets going, it just works… And those heal over time hero’s have useful secondary effects.

I can see how Guin would potentially buy a fraction more time to get to wait for Vivica…
But you’re going to rely on a good board for one specific colour to get it going… And if you get a good board for one specific colour, you won’t need healers - it’s almost a waste of a good board?

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More specifically war attack teams, Guin & Viv in addition to, any 3 or 2/1 colour stack. Thanks, good luck with Springvale

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