Guilty pleasure playlist or songs we listen to but won't admit (except to everyone on E&P forum)

Nooo!!! :grimacing: I was… Errr… :flushed: I didn’t mention you because I know you’re way too smart to fall for my deception! :disappointed: Just like @Muchacho. I would never dare leaving him out of a list! :sweat:

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: Waaah!!! :sob: You somehow posted the worst song of this thread. What is happening? :sob:


Ignorance IS power!!!


I’ve changed!!!

I’ve lost myself

I’m turning into you :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:


:joy: @Pike 's Matrix theory confirmed. I am everyone on this forum.


You have to differentiate.

@PlayForFun physically cloned, one mental personality, one account

@Pike one physical existence, mentally multiple personalities, one account

@NicoX one personal existence, one mental existence, many different accounts

But who knows what’s real…


Yes, me and my 1000 clones confirmed to be logged in to the forum from Europe, America and Asia.
Sometime just minutes away from each other :slight_smile:


You just hate all my music :rofl::+1: oh well.

hides Spotify


I’m still getting used to your new nick and avatar. Luckily I recognize you by your salad bowl. :rofl:



It’s a long story….


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Before I start replying to y’all, let’s start this lovely Monday with a Eurodance classic

Happy Mondaying :heart:


It just makes sense: make the clones, and send them all over the world. That way nobody can ever catch all of you… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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One mental existence is a generous assessment. Thank you my good sir.

And with doing this they can do 24/7 support as even the clones need to sleep sometimes :smiley:


What?! Nooo! I love Norah Jones. The Baby Shark remix tho… :rofl: In any case, I’m the one to blame remember? So knock yourself out and post whatever. :joy:

A long story like “I love pandas so my new name is Pandita. The end.” :joy:

Actually no

I wanted a real gamer tag and not just my name to be in the game but so much time passed and I was leader so it was hard to change it.

Someone I adore in this game and gsl called me pandita for over a year it started to stick and others did it to.

I felt “named” also I liked it and would type

I love it when you calll meee pandiiiiiiitaaaaa. I wish it wasn’t so hard to leavvvveeee yaaaaaa

Wait this story fits here.

He quit both games I miss him so I’m pandita forever.

He’s still in discord and sometimes ar

I have long stories


That’s actually very sweet. :face_holding_back_tears:

Have you read my posts? You’re lucky if they fit in an 85" screen, yours are just fine. :joy:


I left out that he tried many other names before he chose one and everyone started calling me pandita

Panda wan

Lol was one


Nice good morning!! :sunny:

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I know it’s not a song or playlist, but still the rebel in me wanted to let you know:
This evening i was in a mood to watching something soft/mild (a little break from the usual horror/thriller/zombies/end of the world themes) and decided to open netflix! As my niece was by me earlier on, it was opened on the children and family category and i decided to scroll trough that list.
At some point I’ve stopped at “Anne with an e”! As I’ve seen various versions of Anne of Green Gables and I’ve liked all of them, i decided to give it a try (I avoided this one long time cause from the trailer wasn’t so appealing or any better than the others and it seemed like the young actrice was acting too foolish for my taste.
That was an big understatement! By the half of the first episode I had to pause it cause I’ve busted into tears and couldn’t watch anymore: that ratchet child plays so good and sends so many vivid emotions that it fluttered me and couldn’t stop :joy::joy::joy: