Guild deposit

Having maxed out all my structures i’m now always full of steel and meat… and i cant use them as fast as i harvest because materials are pretty rare (for the “big” items production)…


Why not to create a Guild storage for steel and meet, where members can put their surplus?

Leaders and coleaders could use these resources to buy temporary buffs against titans for exemple…

Ty for the attention.
Merman T

I think the idea of adding something for alliances to work towards together that’s more of a building process than a daily/weekly event like titans and war would be interesting. Using excess resources for later stage players would make sense, though I suspect upcoming additions will give new use for resources too.

Some related ideas for consideration:


I like this idea. It can incorporate our request for more alliance rankings. This way you could bank anything with the alliance and based on your rank each member could make a withdraw of a certain amount of materials. Like say you was low on food for research, someone with the rank of soldier(one up from member) perhaps they could draw 50k food for the week.

Then you could also assign a reign strength to the alliance. So when people are recruiting for instance, they can be shown as rich(high contribution to the coffers).

Lots of possibilities from this :slight_smile:

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