Guild Armory Feature

It would be nice if there was a “Guild Armory” feature that would allow guild players to share weapon resources for Titan raids. This would be optional (much like a person opting in/out of wars) and guild members could donate weapons and or items to the guild chest. When a vested player in a guild goes to attack a Titan they would be able to access weapons in the guild armory for use in their raid attack on a Titan. Unused “Guild Armory” items can revert back to the guild armory bank.


To help monetize they can sell Armory bundles or add perks to buys already in game"

Ex: 1 you buy a “Hunter’s Special Bundle” Harpoons and it comes with a bonus Guild Armory Harpoon.

Sounds interesting! Just one question… What would be the benefit for guild armory vs regular armory? I mean, what would be the difference between bringing the same item to the guild armory or to the regular armory? Looks pretty much the same, except extra slots.

I don’t think an armory. I like the idea, but I think they should have a team market. Allow people to trade within their team token, characters, inventory, and materials. Keep it within a team, but not allow it to be on a global scale.

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Well say for example if a guild member had no harpoons but they were vested in the Guild armory when raiding a titan they could take available harpoons from the “Guild Armory” to use in the raid to defeat titans.

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Well, while the idea is cool, it could be hard to implement. Because each person is attacking the titan independently and sending the results to the server only at the end of the battle. So there could be collisions between alliance members on who is taking which weapon from the slot, in the case of concurrent titan hit.
I agree with @Nzimmerman175 that it should go in the direction of trading between alliance members.
@Reignwulf1029, please see this thread for trading ideas: [Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here! (but moderators, please don’t merge :slight_smile:)

I am also taking it from a coding perspective since all the coding for this potential feature already exists in the game its easier to implement. In terms of alliance members accessing the weapons/items it would use the same reservation script that prevents another member from attacking the same person in a war. Since this feature is alliance based the coding would also be smaller in range for the developers to setup and test.

Thanks for the link to the other thread.