(Guide w/ Commentary) The Masquerade - Ultimate - Final Stage

Here ye, here ye! If you haven’t finished the Event, time is running out! Here is a guide with commentary to help you: :key: :old_key: :key: :closed_lock_with_key:


First of all, that’s a very nice video and thank you for posting it.

I would also say not to be discouraged with this event even if you don’t have any 5*, my roommate only has one 5*, Elkanen, and we did not take him along on this one. She is Level 42 and is cheap to play, which is to say she just maintains VIP at all times, mostly for the second builder.

Let’s first look at the items that we took along:

Minor Mana Potions = 10
Mana Potions = 5
Super Mana Potions = 5
Antidotes = 10

Now, let’s look at the team from left to right:

Kiril 4-70, 5 Emblems—656 Attack, 691 Defense, 1106 HP

Cyprian 4-70, 4 Emblems—578 Attack, 605 Defense, 1398 HP

Kashkrek 4-70, 11 Emblems—578 Attack, 703 Defense, 1393 HP

Cyprian 4-70, 7 Emblems—578 Attack, 623 Defense, 1434 HP

Wu Kong 4-70, 8 Emblems—737 Attack, 656 Defense, 1028 HP

TEAM POWER: 3598 (w/Troops)

Time: About 10-15 Minutes.

Difficulty: Total joke.

Items actually used: Minor Mana Potions (6) Mana Potions (2) Super Mana Potions (1) Antidotes (Don’t Remember)

Strategy (Left to Right):

Kiril: Buffs attack and stacks with Gambler’s Stance. Buffs defense mainly to protect Wu Kong. (technically, you don’t want higher defense with Cyprian going because you want to take damage, but we needed to protect Wu). Heals.

Cyprian: Perfect Riposte, of course.

Kashkrek: Protect the Cyprians. I didn’t know who the bosses were, either, so this was also a bonus against Azlar, as well. MEGA heal.

Cyprian: More perfect Riposte.

Wu Kong: Buff up the tile damage, naturally. You’ll notice that this team has ZERO ATTACKERS, the idea with this entire team is to get hit.

In fact, my roommate and I call the double Cyprian our, “Make My (Censored) Day,” team and it is also our primary raid offense. The random AI on snipers and three-attackers doesn’t matter if the random AI cannot hit anyone without eating a counterattack! When raiding, this usually becomes a 3-2 team against blue tanks (Melendor, Kashkrek, Elkanen–the Cyprians) or 3-1-1 against yellow tanks (Tibertus, Kiril/Boldtusk–depends on flanks–and Kashkrek with the Cyprians.

Anyway, I appreciate the heck out of our lovely friend Avicious making a video to specifically help out C2P, F2P and younger players.

I just wanted to chime in and let everyone know it can be done with ZERO 5* on your team, and you don’t even need two Cyprians, Cyprian/Boril, two Borils…or anything like that.

It’s just about having fun and putting some good thought into what you need to do to win. If you have plenty of maxed 4*, there’s almost always going to be some combination that will do what you need it to.

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