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Does anyone know what the icons next to your hero’s picture during a fight mean? I know a shield with a downward arrow means reduced defence but what are the others. I particularly want to know what the eye means. Is there a guide anywhere?

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Eye means “blind” or chance to miss

You can press and HOLD your finger on the opponent to see what status ailments they are casting when in the game


That’s an excellent question. You can always check the Fictionary for any other jargon-busting questions!


Thank scor that is very helpful.


This was very helpful! I was wondering if you collected and posted the negative states yet? What is the purple tear drop, 3 gold stars together, shield with red arrow pointing down? Also with these symbols including the eye “blinding,” when these symbols are on my heroes, does that mean my heroes are blinded or have poor defense, or does that mean the monsters or opponents I am playing against are the ones that are blind, etc?

Purple tear drop is poison, shields with down arrow is defense down, 3 stars is attack down.

You can study these your self by pressing and holding on the character they are on in battle.

If the effect is on your hero, it mean that your hero has the effect. So if your hero has the shields with down arrow, it is your hero that has lost defense and is taking more damage than usual


Thank you so much! This was very helpful. I’ve pressed and held on the character, however, I still wanted clarification, so thank you for the info.

@Petri are there any current guides out describing all hero symbols?
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Here it is:

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@Jinbatsu you are friggin awesome🤩
Many Thanks!


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