Guide: the most creative way to get rid of 75 gems

You want to get rid of 75 gems but you don’t know how? Follow these steps.
(Edit: I have completed the event and am in top 1000, I was just replaying stages for fun when this happened):

  1. take a mono team on a stage with Boss Wolf
  2. in the second wave, create a diamond of the strong colour and make sure you’ll get rid of all tiles of the strong colour
  3. have 0 tiles of the strong colour on your board (I just had to stop and take a screenshot of this board, little did I know what would follow)
  4. make the enemies kill 4 of your heroes, don’t use any items, they are too important to be wasted
  5. kill Boss Wolf who has riposte on with your last standing hero, killing your hero as well (Valen in my case)
  6. spend 75 gems just to see the victory sign. The literal definition of Pay to Win. But be quick, the clock doesn’t stop! (I noticed that while I was still trying to figure out what had just happened)

I’m FTP so spending gems in this way is unthinkable for me but I was wondering if anyone would do it, if they were in my shoes. This is how riposte works but would you spend 75 gems just to see what would happen?


No, if I play f2p I give up and play again. For this level mono blue is not the best choice. At least green+ yellow (3+2) looks more straightforward. Belith is strongly recommended if you don’t want to commit suicide.


I would give up the gems if it were the difference between completing the tier or not. There are only two realistic situations that I can think of where this would occur.

  1. You literally lack the heroes to complete the stage in one shot, so you are forced to chip away at them, eat the gem cost, and then attack them again. If the ability to attack weakened enemies vs. not is the difference between gaining the completion rewards or not, then it’s worth it.
  2. You have planned poorly and the event is about to end, so paying the gem continuation cost is the only way to finish, whereas using more World Energy is not.

It doesn’t sound like either of those is your situation. Wait for your WE to recharge (or use a flask), and do it again from the start.


Sorry, I should have made it clear at the beginning. I have completed the event and I have guaranteed the top 1000 so I was just replaying some stages for fun, without using any items. But the ridiculous situation I got myself into was too interesting not to share. I’ll edit the original post.


I’m c2p and I wouldn’t use gems to continue just for the victory! I’d change my roster maybe or bring different battle items and try again.


I just did the other way round in one of the trials: went with Cyprian, Justice killed herself on him, but killed him, too - I paid the bucks to see the instant victory (and get my emblems) :smiley:

I wouldn’t pay for challenge events, I think…I know I can beat them, so no need to pay and lower the score. Maybe on my alt…


That’s identical to my Challenge Event team for Grimforest :smiley: Thanks for this awesome guide :crazy_face:


Not now that you have told me what happens! :smile: Seriously, this is an interesting “corner case”; thanks for sacrificing your hard earned gems to let us know how it turns out.

This is worth knowing, so at least there was a purpose to having spent your gems.

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@Noble_Weasel, I haven’t spent my gems. I was tempted to, since I wanted to see I what would happen, but I can’t sacrifice 75 gems for that.

However, thanks to @AngelOfDark666, it can be confirmed that you just see the victory sign after you spend the gems. I was pretty sure that would be the case but didn’t have proof before.


Ah, I see now after reading your post more carefully. Thanks, then, to @AngelOfDark666 for confirming, but also still to you for noticing the clock thing, which is also important.


In challenge events you score much lower when you continue (I think you get a negative punishment score added, I’m not 100% sure) - know it from my husband, he often uses continues…I think the clock is the minor problem then :smiley:

But it’s fun to watch that instant victory, so if you have too many gems, try it out :smiley:


This was a great tale and I duly award it Bardic Post of the Day :medal_sports:

RNG is now 1.7% in your favour for 24 hours, use it wisely


Play to win hardly because I can not cross the point

What do you mean by “instant victory” ?
Normally it just continues playing, you have to keep fighting, eventually die.

When your last hero dies on riposte and your enemie(s) also die - or the other way round, the last opponent dies on riposte, but kills your last hero - you have lost. When you pay the 75 bucks to continue, there’s no fight anymore, only instant “VICTORY” and you won.

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In the top right corner, you can see that’s stage 3. I had already killed everyone so if I had paid the gems, I’d simply see the victory sign since there was no one left to kill.

Maybe not creative, but the only time I spend the 75 gems is if I don’t have enough powerful class heroes for a class trial and am close to finishing stage 3.

The 75 gems you spend on those 16 emblems are much cheaper than the 300 you pay for 10 in the shop. Plus the loot is guaranteed - in contrast to challenge tournaments, where you have the same low odds as always.

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