🍻 Guide: Tavern of Legends Quest

Yes, there’s a full list of the enemies in the top post of this thread: 🍻 [May 22, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion


Dear @zephyr1, , can we already say that the “Tavern of Legends” quest will take place on the fourth Friday of every month?

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That’s the initial schedule, but I don’t know yet if it’ll move in future months.

I have the suspicion we may see some schedule changes in the coming months, due to the new events. I won’t be surprised if they move things around a bit, or change the duration of some of the events.

Just speculation at this point, though.


I understand you. Thank you for your quick response! :kissing_heart:

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first stages can web done with unleveled 4* which are lower than level 3*,
stage 6 was a mix of leveled 3*, and partially leveled 4*, (2760 team)

A couple levels were done with unleveled 3*!

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In my experience, if you have healers, ir use (as I did) staking and time stop (2 of these) stage 2 is doable with 1/1 3☆.

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Can anyone post here as they go through the levels what the bosses are? Much appreciated!

Check this


Hi, you have the new tab of Tavern?

@cap is there an update for June 2020

In a few hours , I am at work… :rofl:


Haha, I get it, thanks!

Yesterday i wanted to run tavern of legends quest with 3/4* only and with cheap items - to help low lvl players - if you want to see results and how you can do it - please watch it.
Last stage with 3298TP and one 3* :arrow_down:

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September-1920 tavern of legends jpg ?? I would be glad if you post a boss.

Eylül-1920 tavern of legends jpg?? Boss yayınlarsanız sevinirim.

September 2020 bosses & infographic will be posted / created when known. No way of knowing until the quest appears lol. Cap’s good but not that good.

Keep an eye on this thread which will probably be the first source of information: 🍻 [September 17, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion

OP will get updated with the wave & boss information & will get updated again when Cap has the graphic ready. In the comments I’ve already outlined my hypothesis about the bosses.

Eylül 2020 patronları ve bilgi grafiği bilindiğinde yayınlanacak / oluşturulacak. Görev lol görünene kadar bilmenin yolu yok. Cap iyi ama o kadar iyi değil.

Muhtemelen ilk bilgi kaynağı olacak bu konuya bir göz atın: 🍻 [September 17, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion

OP, wave ve patron bilgileriyle güncellenecek ve Cap grafik hazır olduğunda yeniden güncellenecektir. Yorumlarda patronlar hakkındaki hipotezimi zaten özetledim.

#forum-rules 'un forumun resmi dilinin #foreign-languages bölümünün dışında İngilizce olduğunu belirttiğini hatırlatın. Otomatik çeviri için Google / Android eklentisinden veya İngilizce yazmakta rahat değilseniz tercih ettiğiniz çeviri uygulamanızı kullanmaktan çekinmeyin.


Could anyone share the guide of the Tavern of September 2020? It’snt posted it… please!!

Because it hasn’t happened yet. The bosses always change, but the monster waves stay the same.


On stage 7.

Stages are the same as May’s version

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