🍻 Guide: Tavern of Legends Quest

Tavern of legends ( 22.05.2020 )

Some advices:

Plan your team very carefully from stage 10 to 1
if you don’t have 50 heroes available. The first stages can be done with 4 heroes.

Good luck

:beers: [May 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion


Thanks, @cap! :heart:

Just going to cross-post this warning here too:


Thank you so lot for the clarifications.

I hope to release the new one in the evening of the release evening
Europe time: so near noon or early in the afternoon for the USA residents and in the middle of night for Asia.


aaaaand bookmarked. Has anyone played through to see if there have been any changes since beta?

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Yes, there’s a full list of the enemies in the top post of this thread: 🍻 [May 22, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion


Dear @zephyr1, , can we already say that the “Tavern of Legends” quest will take place on the fourth Friday of every month?

That’s the initial schedule, but I don’t know yet if it’ll move in future months.

I have the suspicion we may see some schedule changes in the coming months, due to the new events. I won’t be surprised if they move things around a bit, or change the duration of some of the events.

Just speculation at this point, though.


I understand you. Thank you for your quick response! :kissing_heart:

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first stages can web done with unleveled 4* which are lower than level 3*,
stage 6 was a mix of leveled 3*, and partially leveled 4*, (2760 team)

A couple levels were done with unleveled 3*!

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In my experience, if you have healers, ir use (as I did) staking and time stop (2 of these) stage 2 is doable with 1/1 3☆.

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