Guide for Heros - new 3* heroes

Please be so kind as to rate the new Atlantis 3* heroes.
Thank you.

They’re all good. Most have unique abilities that are extremely helpful.

Melia is the only one to raise crit for all, so she’s good.

Gill-Ra is the only one who can cleanse for all, so she’s good.

Mnesseus is a fast sniper that also dispels buffs, so he’s good.

Namahage gives himself an attack buff like Brienne, so he’s good.

Gato is the only one who gives immunity, so he’s good.

Chochin is the only one who lowers mana gen, so he’s good.

I have all of their stats saved in my spreadsheet, but I’m too tired to go check that right now, so I’ll compared the unleveled versions I have to others (so I may be off on some of this).

I’m fairly positive they all have good stats when compared to the regular 3*. Gato, Melia, Namahage and Mnesseus have high attack stats. With Mnesseus and Gill-Ra more balanced (with attack and defense). Gato, Melia and Namahage have high attack and lower defense, and Chochin has a high defense and low attack.

Overall, all are worth working on for events. If you’re still using 3* for everything else, they’re definitely worth it then.


Lol you’re gettin tagged for 3* hero questions from here on out

I save all of the heroes (3*-5*) stats and SS in my spreadsheet, not just the 3*. It helps me study every hero :grin:


Want to write a guide for S2*s? I’ve been reluctant to since I haven’t played with them outside of events :slight_smile:

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I’m honored you would ask that :blush:
Though, I’m afraid I’m in the same predicament. I only ever use 3* for events, and that’s just to complete rare, not compete in it.

Even though there’s a lot one can learn by studying each heros’ individual stats and specials while comparing them to their regular, top-tier, counterparts, I’m sure it’s always better to test each one out individually as well (which I haven’t done yet).

So my evaluation on these heroes is just from comparing them to others (specifically- the better 3*), and taking into account their unique skills (and whether it’s a valued skill or not) and attack and defense stats (health too, but not as much weight on that- defense has a little more weight than health does when we’re talking about survivability imo)


Thank you very much - this has been very helpful.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply.
This has given me direction.

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Do you think it is worth spending gems on trying to get Christmas heroes or should I save them for Atlantis summon? Atlantis heroes seem to be better and chances higher.

Christmas heroes are all good, but the odds are so slim, that I wouldn’t spend much there (if you’re F2P or C2P). I’d rather save for Atlantis, where the odds are much better. Plus, Knight’s will be here soon too. Christmas heroes will be around for another month, so there’s still plenty of time to decide.

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