(Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades



Thanks so much for sharing this!

I have a question: A normal raid fight and a fight in alliance war is quite similar apart from the revenge bar.
Why is there such a difference in some cases? Wukong for example is considered a very good hero for normal raids (overall grade A), but quite low-end for AW (grade C). Can you explain the reason? Is he less useful because of the different dynamics caused by the revenge bar? Or am I missing something and there is another difference to normal raids?


@VFROOD it’s in the same category as offensive raids, last criteria before overall grade


@Zarsten that’s pretty much it. His slow ability makes him not that effective in war considering it is set up to be more of a battle you want to win quickly and if not you want to be healing. Ideally in war you want two healers and three others focused on doing damage at either fast or medium to not get revenge bar death. You throw in WuKong it takes the place of a fast or medium hero and proves to be ineffective. If you remove a healer from his place no one will be alive for Wu to go off and be effective.


Thanks for the explanation, very much appreciated :slight_smile:


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So war is only the offensive part. Is it right to assume that for the defense team in war you would be happy to just look in defence raid? :slight_smile:


Exactly. Prettttyy similar


@Anchor and other 7DD people, can you confirm/clarify what groupings are graded together?

For example, Wu Kong: A+ Titan overall, A overall, etc.

I’m pretty sure that is within the group of 4* yellows, NOT all yellows, including the 5*s.

From my reading, (much in this topic!) there are a few exceptional 4*s (Wu, BT, and Grimm come to mind) that are worth choosing over most/all 5*s of the same color, at least for something specific, if not overall.

I don’t see this in the grading scale; is there some way you can sneak it in/include it? Perhaps re-grade heroes like Wu at 5* in addition to the 4* grading?

From my reading, you are playing them that way.


The heroes are graded pretty much together. Wukong is the best yellow against titans, 4* or 5*


Are you still updating your guide?

looking forward to seeing how 7DD players rate Gravemaker and Red Hood.


Update it please! 20 charact


Those heroes need to be played before you can grade them I‘d say. They will definetely upgrade it by the time.


A lot of 7DD are in beta, so they (and other beta testers, myself included) have had time to play with fully ascended heroes. Not quite the same as live play, but enough to get a sense.

My preliminary marks:

  • Gravemaker: A(-). A full A when paired with level 11 mana troop. Like all DoT heroes, not the best in events.
  • Red Hood: A. Full marks on defense, solid offense, okay on titans.*
  • Rumpelstiltskin: B- powerful but unpredictable. Not the first choice for people with well-developed benches
  • Boss Wolf: C. Solid on defense, useless on Titans. Too slow and too severely nerfed (before release). Pairs well with Guinevere, otherwise avoid
  • Hansel: A. A better version of Peter. Useful in all roles, particularly titans
  • Gretel: B+. Similar to Hansel, but initial hit is weak and diffuse.

*PS The “A” for Red Hood assumes that the fox minions regain their protection from mana steal ability. They will make Guinevere much easier to manage.


Thanks guys, yes I will be updating it.

Honestly I need to learn how to edit the sheet and add new names rather than task it out to someone else. I will get better at adding the heroes. Sorry my fault. Should be updated soon but @Kerridoc is pretty close with his assessments! (Great work on the event btw!)


It’s been updated. Thanks!

My problem remains unsolved, dunno if i shoulda ascend Gravemaker or Red Hood that’s too bad! /cry


I’m not seeing how CBP gets an “A” for titans while Hansel gets a “B”. Hansel strips mana off the titan, while Peters just defers the (almost) inevitable strike. Peters hits harder IF the titan isn’t at full mana, but I find Hansel works better. Also unclear why Peters is more versatile than Hansel against titans? Is that just CBP’s relative tankiness?


Go for red hood I’ve faced Gravemaker and I feel with 2 healers Gravemaker doesn’t do enough on defence. I haven’t faced hood yet but i like her concept l. You can’t dispell minions…


Yeah CPB and Hansel feel like almost identical heroes against titans, with Hansel being a little better. This is another instance where I think adding +'s and -'s would be a good idea. There’s a ton of heroes now and it’s hard to tell all the B’s apart from other B’s and all the A’s apart from other A’s…and then CPB and Hansel look really far apart when they’re similar heroes.


I adjusted Cabin Boy and now it is very much similar to Hansel.

Cabin should have had a B for versatility vs an A which put him to B

Thanks for the input guys! Let me know of any other glaring issues that you see!


And it’s good that grades are pretty similar. Honestly there’s so many viable options in so many of the colors that it’s hard to say in the Bs and As which to choose because so many are viable options.


Anchor … nice vids btw, question …

Merlin, CBP or Hansel … I have only Merlin but he has saved me sooooo many times!