(Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades



Hi all,

After buff to Jack O’Hare he remain as D hero?

Jack O’Hare - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from slow to fast, base attack slightly increased;



All three bunnies need a fresh look. Master Lepus is an attack demon now. A red Titan team of Wu, Lepus, Arthur, Athena, Kiril would be amazing.


Magni has nearly the same stats against a titan (single enemy).
Especially after firing his special he is better than Lepus (gaining defense instead of losing).
But Lepus also hits nearby enemies, this is an advantage apart from titans…


True, on a titan. Not everyone has Magni, of course, but I’ll concede the titan.


Thank you to all that made this happen peace out


Thank you so much for the guide. I had been referring everyone who asks about heroes to this guide. It is invaluable and thanks again for sharing this after all the effort you had put it.


@Avicious thanks so much for these grades!

I have one suggestion. Due to the fact that you have a lot of heroes listed as overall A’s and B’s, it’s hard to compare one hero’s B to another’s. I suggest that instead of overall “grades” you use a GPA-style metric.

I think that will help us compare two similar heroes. For example, if I am trying to decide between ascending Delilah (B) and Musashi (B), or Obakan (B) and Aeron, or Arthur (A), and Athena (A), GPA grading will help me with that.

Does this make sense or am I off-base?


Thanks, but I wasn’t involved in creating this sheet. I just posted it :slight_smile:


Oh, was is @Anchor? Then thanks Anchor! And I am curious if it’s possible, as we get more and more heroes, to provide a GPA-style overall grade in each of the “Overall Grade” columns. See my post above. Anyways, just an idea!



When making that decision I would recommend making a decision based around the other heroes you have. Definitely Athena over Arthur.

Delilah is great and if you do her id prob recommend obakan over aereon


@Anchor, yeah I was just giving examples of heroes that look close on the spreadsheet but might actually be pretty different–I wish I had all of those heroes, haha! So right now, two heroes could be considered B’s, but in GPA grading could be anywhere from a 2.7 to 3.6. It’s just an idea as they continue to add more and more heroes and they become more complex to differentiate.


There comes a point of false accuracy, particularly when trying to compare wildly different heroes. When I was grading university exams, I could readily assign numeric grades: this exam was demonstrable a little better than that. But how can I say that this economics exam’s B is a little higher than that sculpture class’s project that also got a B?

I do agree that there is some possible shading here that could be made, along the lines of adding a B+ category. But keep in mind that what you should really care about is, how will this hero play on my team? The biggest difference among the Heroes are their specials, and it’s more important to get a synergistic set of specials than to get five A heroes.


I thought about doing B+ and A- but I kept it congruent with the current Titan grading system to give perspective.


Yeah, I like the idea of +/- to provide more shading. And I definitely get the idea of synergy and the individual’s role in identifying what’s on their roster and how it plays together.


Thanks a lot for your hard work and for sharing this valuable info with us. I knew I was doing something wrong in the game but this not only gives me confirmation but, what´s most important, a way to do it much better.
I have sheared your link with my team so they can benefit too, so in the name of my whole alliance, once again, thanks a lot!!!


Just a simple question…

When I read BT has A rating, is that just for 4 star or (like mentioned in title) should i read he is better than a B 5 star? Changes a lot if not :smiley:


Most likely better than a 5* B. Bold tusk is the premier 4* and better than a lot of 5*


P.S Zero and I have updated the sheet with Alliance War grades on heroes.


@Anchor thanks for updating… i just don’t see it :smiley:

Forgotten to refresh? Or am i doing (could just be) something wrong? :sunny:


It is listed as an extra Point in The Raid chapter!:wink: