(Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades



Look again princess!!!


Thanks! The linked spreadsheet I had opened wasn’t updated.


Only Natalya to screw him up! That is a tought tough Lizard to beat.


I’m not seeing any issues with the spreadsheet not being able to be open but let me know if that is the case


thanks for putting this together and sharing, appreciate the info! Glad to see the Zeline update - had a feeling she would rank pretty high. system definitely favors fast mana…and so do I.


@Anchor @Xero786 Who the strongest and most consistent titan hitters that are currently in 7DD #1 ranked alliance? I also see that you all do well on the monthly events, who should we look out for in those events? I want a few people that I should pay attention to. Thanks!


pretty much anyone except me. I suck and have to be carried more often then not.

You can follow Anchor, Chef, Jaz, aibretty, JimMe, Haylc (who is f2p), Jordan, bws17p, Dante, Micky, Rozz… almost anyone :slight_smile:


@haylc hasn’t spent a dime to get his team?! Impressive!

He visited my alliance and was a great help.


Zero is being tool. He’s consistently number 1. Our titans die usually within 6-8 hours and just about everyone is over 100k in 4 hits. I’d take Titan advice from just about every single person in our alliance. There’s lots of heavy hitters that are in our sister alliances as well.


Great work guys :slight_smile:
If you could add 3* heroes I would really appreciate it.


This might be a silly question but can anyone tell me if the “support” position in this guide ranking is the left and right of the tank or is it the far out side right and left spots??


Yes :wink:

So its general tank’s support and 3 target buffers/defenders are flanking the tank


I probably need to start a new topic on this, but the 2 I struggle with are Obakan and Domitia. Her special is a good bit stronger than his from a damage perspective, but i guess i’m not factoring in the reposte aspect enough. Nobody needs to convince me of the benefits of fast mana versus avg, just really struggle with seeing Domitia a full grade below him. Although I guess across the board there isn’t much difference when looking at their detailed ratings in each category…and neither of them are that great just yet.

on the bright side, even though Delilah hasn’t received her grade yet, I’m quite confident she will be a solid A…gotta love her being avg mana!!


Delilah has been added to the sheet everyone!


hey there Delilah… no I wont finish that


Keep in mind the scoring reflects Titan scores and there are no B+ or B- so some are on the lower and higher end.


Thanks for continuing to update this sheet. I’m puzzling over the Vivica vs Delilah lines. Looking at all the detailed columns, Delilah looks slightly stronger, yet her summary mark is a B, while Vivica gets an A. Could you provide some color about that difference?

Also, do Guinevere’s mark reflect her recent debuff?


its a fair point. One that is my fault. i was a little distracted when reviewing this yesterday lol. Both are borderline As but for consistency ill bump viv down.

And yes, Gunnies grades are with the nerf in mind (it doesnt change things :slight_smile: )


Gwen is still VERY difficult to overcome in the tank position from what i’ve seen of her, even with the debuff. I’m sure i’ll find myself trying to get her again in the next knights challenge event…

thanks for the update on Delilah and Viv…they definitely should both be same grade IMO…or definitely not Delilah less than Viv, given the mana difference.

Thanks for the comment on my question Anchor - absolutely appreciate the work that went into the guide and recognize there can be differences of opinion. Not sure I’d take either one (Obakan or Domitia) to final ascension yet…rather hold onto the mats for another possibly better option.


I personally have Obakan, and he will probably get my third set of Tabbards. my other sets were used on Hel. Theres a few heroes i would put precedent over Obakan. I have honestly always been a fan of him since the beginning, but i look at it from a practicality point and would prob only use him in Alliance Wars.

we had a debate (@Xero786 and @Arien) about Viv vs Delilah and i would say they split various categories, both have very much practicalities. I can always adjust them in the future. I know i was initially wrong about Ares when he was first released but fighting Delilah in Beta at 80 left me feeling a bit underwhelmed.