(Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades

Absolutely agree. That’s the main reason I don’t response to questions concerning whom to upgrade/use emblems anymore. I think it is getting more important to understand the mechanics behind it and take your own decision depending on the points you mentioned.

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Yes, the grades of the older heroes are not accurate anymore, compared to the newer heroes. This issue has been addressed by the 7D grading crew on our website and the grades for older heroes will be re-adjusted in the near future: https://7ddgaming.com/2019/06/02/hero-grading-sheet-updated/

“Over the course of the next weeks we plan to add Ranvir’s grade and overhaul the entire grading sheet by regrading and adjusting some of the grades to current standards. With so many new and strong heroes introduced, grades of some older heroes are not as accurate anymore and hence will be adjusted. We also plan to grade 5* and 4* heroes independently. 5* heroes will be adjusted first, followed by 4* heroes.”


@Kerridoc in the grade, Rana is categorized as Fighter instead of Monk.


Thank you! I’ll forward it :slight_smile:

Edit: @yelnats_24 Should be fixed now. :wink:


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