(Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades

The current spreadsheet has ratings for the usefulness of the Special under Titan, Attack, and Defense. It would seem reasonable to follow this precedent and add Talent grades for Titan, Attack and Defense.

As for Emblem builds and heroes, I can see two ways to incorporate them:

  1. A 7D Family Preferred Build for each hero

This would be a generic “best way to build this hero for what they do best.” Obviously, this isn’t going to fit everyone’s roster and playstyle, but it is very much in keeping with the notion of the guide being focused on advising less experienced players.

  1. Three Builds method

It would also be possible (but probaby time prohibitive) to produce builds for each hero focused on Titans (PvE), Attack and Defense. This would be invaluable in teaching the community how to get the most out of their heroes no matter what they’re trying to do with them.


My only request for the spreadsheet has already been implemented! The names and categories have been given frozen panes, allowing me to finally know precisely what each grade is associated with! YAY!

Love the attention to detail 7D Fam, keep it up. :slight_smile:


It is a fantastic resource. I have it bookmarked. I was however disappointed to draw Gato and Melia and check the guide to see that they are not filled out. I understand a new 5* like Queen of Hearts being incomplete, but I was surprised that there was not a consensus grading of Atlantis 3*. My guess is that the players who put these guides together have so many 4 and 5* heroes that they don’t really bother with the three stars much and as such are unable to judge them based off of personal experience. This is really not meant as a complaint or criticism. If I was in their place I’m sure messing around with 3*s would feel like a waste of time. Their only use would be for for the Rare Challenge Quests which I know a lot of advanced players skip. Once again thank you for everything you do. It is still a great resource.

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New player, relieve you’ve stepped away, but still appreciate all the time and effort that went into helping others.

You’ve helped me tremendously starting out and I refer to your old posts as I progress. I also keep your grading system handy at all times.

Karma will repay you one day my friend, and it will pay you back in spades. Good luck in your future endeavors

Will there be an update again?
Or do they have a new link?

@Kerridoc seemed to be pretty heavily involved in the update process, based on his questions in this thread a couple of months ago. He might be able to give a status update if there’s anything to give.

@Kerridoc Could you check on Sabina’s titan and defense rating? It is exactly identical to Rigard even though they have vastly different stat build (stamina/tile damage). Could it be a typo from copy-paste? Thanks.

Hello. Im new to this forum and game. I have been playing a while but i want to know which heroes to pair up together. I have a mix b of 4 and 5 star heroes. My 3 stars heroes i dont have a team for because i am saving them for events.

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Welcome to the forum. Please start another thread and post your roster there for recommendations.

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Still no update? :cry: 20 tears


I’m afraid that despite the goodwill of kerridoc the guide is dead. New heroes are missing since Kunchen and the modifications following the update 20 are not made. It’s a lot of work and I can understand that 7dd members do not have the necessary time. Anchor spent his days on the game. It’s a harm for players because it had no equivalent but it’s the game life.

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Can a 7DD member say that they are done with the hero chart or not. Would like a straight answer. If it’s a work in progress with the updates then an update would be much appreciated. If it’s too much work to continue and done then can one of you just come out and say it. Would be closure to a lot of people. Ty in advance!


Also looking for an update…might be dead…sad

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Update is out for a lot of the newer 5 star Atlantis/HOTM/Event heroes.


Thanks a lot!! Really appreciated

First of all, thanks for updating the hero sheet! Long waited and big gratz on doing that!
I have been lurking the forums for a long time, but haven’t had anything worth saying so have not created an account.

The update did not go very well. The grades are atleast way off? Or the way you grade is totally different?
E.g Kunchen on defence, overall = B? Comparison to Horghall = A?

How did that go from your perspective? : )

Atomos = B and Margaret = C was quite surprising, some have praised Marg and from what I have read there has been maybe a person that has said Atomos might be usable in a situation.

Maybe downgrading the “oldest” grades would make those more inline. Now it seems that the newer heroes have been graded more strictly and older heroes, based on the grades would seem much stronger even though they are in most cases not used at all.

(My first mistake already with the post, did write it on wrong topic)

You shouldn’t watch the overall grades but the “tank, stamina and effect” to see if a hero is a good tank or not. Overall grades are just for show.

And yes, old grades should be edited and fixed.


I’m glad to see that the new heroes were added :slight_smile: keep up the good work!

I agree 100% that grades for the original classic heroes should be updated. While those grades may have been accurate when they were made, they are no longer indicative of the current metagame.

for e.g. I don’t doubt that Horghall may have been a fantastic A grade tank on the days before we got all these fire attackers, Gravemaker particularly (I remember I started playing shortly before he was introduced, and when he came in Horghall dropped off defense teams like flies in a storm). Is it really true that he’s an A grade tank, same grade as Kunchen??

That said, I realize this isn’t something that will just happen overnight, and I hope everyone here understands that. Building a generally agreed upon grading sheet / tier list / whatever… that is a pretty demanding process, particularly when there’s so many heroes to consider and so many differing opinions (even among the best players). So I wish you luck as well with keeping this updated :slight_smile:


The guide is getting more and more difficult to keep relevant. Why?

  • Emblems. People take different routes, and so your +20 Azlar may be quite different from mine.
  • Class abilities. Guin+0 is the queen of defense. But there are other heroes at +20 that (I think) overtake her.
  • Situational strength. Hatter shouldn’t be the first green 5* you focus on, but against the right foe, he’s without peer. Sargasso is very helpful in wars with Field Aid (healing).
  • Synergies. A hero may be so-so solo, but in a particular combo really shines, e.g. Red Hood + QoH; Evelyn + Elkanen.

I think it’s best to view these ratings as aimed at players with moderate resources trying to decide how to use some of their early rare mats. Once you’ve got a bench of heroes, then you really need to be thinking about adding new capabilities/dimensions to what you’re starting from.


Probably you can put a disclaimer “hero ratings without emblems”.

Definitely good as a guide for those who are aiming to up their first 4* and 5* heroes.

Another disclaimer is probably for it to be used as a reference/guide and not as the bible of E&P.

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