(Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades


@Kerridoc Could you share the whole list, please?



Here’s the whole list. I’ve weighted Titans at ⅜, Offense at ⅜ and Defense at ¼. Different weightings will shift heroes around. E.g., Guinevere is quite low (64th of 99) by this ranking, despite her A+ on Defense. You may need to click on an image to see all of it.



I am not a subscriber to Anchor’s video site, so maybe you can tell me if he made/remade an Aegir video post beta with the nerf?



Yes, Anchor has a current Aegir video, mostly about his merits on offense,



Hello everyone, i created a spreadsheet in google docs with the GPA data from Anchor’s grades

You can filter on this and sort by highlighting the second row, hitting the data tab, filter views -> Create new temporary filter view.

From there you can look at the bulk data any way you want!!


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Will you be updating your sheet with new data as it is added? :slight_smile:

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Yes!! Once anchor releases grades I’ll do my best to get them in there.



I assume you got his permission to use his data? I think it’s a great idea to be able to shuffle the results. Yay!



Yes. I reached out to him on discord!!



I use this and Razor’s utility all the time. I would love to see all the more recently added rares brought up to date with grades.

I know rares are of less interest to most long time players, but we do still need rares for the monthly challenge events. I’m working on building up enough rares so I could do anything up to a monochrome team of any color for those events. Every time I think I’ve got my rare heroes all picked – 5 of each color, a spare or two here and there in colors where some of the 5 are not attackers – I get another rare that I haven’t had before, and then I want to look it up and figure out whether I should maybe replace one of my existing heroes with the new one. Unfortunately, most of the seasonal and season 2 heroes don’t have grades anywhere yet.

Completing the rare grades would also, of course, be very helpful for newer players. Many, especially those who don’t invest tons of money into the game, do rely on rares for at least part of their main teams as well as wars seems challenge events for months and months.



Will there be an updated grading after the new class system? I hope it will also contain which path should we choose on the skill tree for each hero as it will determine damage and stamina, therefore rating.



Why is Sabina have the same exact grade as Rigard in defense? Rigard is more sturdy than Sabina so Sabina’s stamina grade should have been lower than Rigard. Sabina is more like a purple version of Melendor based on stat and skill, I wonder if Sabina’s defense grade were actualy meant to match Melendor?



I think in-between grades (i.e. A-, B+, etc…) would be beneficial to separating how well some of these heroes do in comparison. Little John is obviously a higher C than Skittleskull and First Mate Boomer for just one example.

If that causes too much trouble for the A+ ranks, then just let them have an S rank instead. It’s not that uncommon to see S grades on tier lists, I think people will get it.



Good news!



Thanks @Avicious. Definitely appreciate it



If you have thoughts about how this resource could be improved, please discuss.

Particular question: how would it be most useful to incorporate the impact of emblems? Obviously every hero gains significantly from going to +20 just from the stat increases, but how best to capture synergies between the talent and the hero?



I’m glad it will continue. Thank you Avicious and everyone else who’ll work on it :slightly_smiling_face::+1:



That’s a good point. Another thing I would appreciate, though recognize can take a lot of effort, would be to re-evaluate old heroes with today’s perspective. Since there is power creep in this game, some older heroes feel relatively weak in comparison to how good they may have been in the past.

Perhaps patch 20 will give an opportunity to look back at a bunch of heroes after adjustments to reflect how they stand in the current Meta.



We are planning on exactly such a review after V20 is live. As you say, the meta has moved on.



As it is, one of the great things about the Guide is its simplicity. I wouldn’t try to make the emblem addition stray too far from the existing format. Perhaps a new section at the same level as “Titan”, “Offense” and “Defense” labeled “Emblem” and sub categories under that for:

  • How well does this hero and his/her/its related abilities benefit from its class emblems

  • How well do the emblems enhance the position that the hero usually plays

  • Recommended path (D = defense, A = Attack), though that may get confusing as it could be looked at as a grade

I’m sure there maybe one or two other categories.