(Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades



@Xero786 @Anchor @TheChef I had a chance to look at the hero grading more and after watching some recent videos on Hel, it seems like you have her ranked too high. Maybe her Titan ranking is accurate but the Raid and Farm scores need to be lowered


I think you just need to see better videos of Hel :slight_smile:


They finally arrived :smiley:



One big question that Wharflord would have to answer: why Kailani < Gunnar? I thought all this time that Kailani was actually the better spirit link user. Better HP and slightly better Attack iirc

EDIT to clarify: both have C grades overall, that I understand. But just curious why some of Gunnar’s grades are slightly higher in the same areas as Kailini’s. I was expecting the opposite.


@Wharflord can address the subtleties, but at a high level, it’s because Gunnar is “tankier.” Look at the stats:

  • Kailani: 429 / 453 / 729
  • Gunnar: 387 / 533 / 656

To a good first approximation, you can calculate “Tankiness” as 2*Def + HP. Using this score:

  • Kailani tank score: 1,635
  • Gunnar tank score: 1,722

Simply put, Gunnar’s +80 Def more than offsets his -73 HP in terms of survivability.