Guidance on leveling for ascension materials chase in special events

Been playing for 7 weeks and looking for some advice on teams for special events to get ascension mats
Don’t have many options but looking for the best team possible

5* Evelyn 1.1

4* Boldtusk 3.60 - Chao 3.23 - Proteus 3.60
Melendor 2.33 - Kelile 1.31 - Wilbur 2.11 -
Agwe 1.1 - Kashhrek 2.11 - Sabina 1.16 - Hu Tao 1.1 (×2) - Grimm 2.44 - Ameonna 1.1 (×2)

3* maxed Bane - Valen - Tyrum - Belith - Rudolph - Melina - Brienne

3* Gunnar 3.50 - Balthazar 3.47 - Mnesseus 3.1 - Graymane 2.5 - Kailani - 3.25 - Azar 3.42

Then all these 3* at 1.1
Chochin - Gill-Ra - Gato - Namahage - Isshtak
Oberon - Jahangir - Renfeld - Gan Ju - Hawkmoon - Berden - Karil

My SH 15(upgrading to 16 right now) + TC is 13, 8, & 8

Thanks in advance for any advice

I’d pinpoint some of the heroes you’ve mentioned that are very valuable for rare quests and events:
Gunnar and his Spirit link helps you survive hard attacks from bosses,
Brienne aka 3* Wu Kong is able to raise attack of all heroes more than twice, if you pair her with Gunnar it’ll work even better,
Belith is one of the two 3* healers and he also dispells enemy buffs,
Boldtusk is one of the best 4* heroes in the game, his attack buff lasts quite long and healing is always welcomed, but his attack buff overwrites Brienne’s, so only one should be in your team,
Proteus is excellent mana controller, he’ll help you to postpone specials of bosses, you should prioritize him and take him to 3.60 asap,
Wilbur is another excellent hero, he replaces Gunnar and adds defense debuff atop that, he’s must have for titans and events,
Melendor and Sabina are great healers, they dispell enemy buffs and they both have high tile damage, you won’t regret to have them leveled up both,
you’ve started Chao, so you should get him to 3.60, he’s your best holy for now,
Kashhrek is great intermediate tank on defense, although he isn’t great otherwise, but it’s good to have him,
Hu Tao, Agwe, Kelile should stay at 1/1 for now, there are better heroes,
Evelyn is awesome green 5*, but very costly, so you’d need a lot of resources to take her to at least 2/60, personally, I’d let her be for a while and rather gather some ascension mats,
all Atlantis 3*s are great, Melia for critical boost (events, titans), Mnesseus for dispell, Gato and Namahage are fast attackers with high tile damage, Chochin for minor mana control, Gill-Ra makes all enemies weaker and more susceptible to damage,
I wouldn’t level up Isshtak, Oberon, Jahangir, Renfeld, Graymane, they are not worth it.

TC 13 blessed me today with this just what I wanted in a 4* blue


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