GUI for Restricted Classes & Costumes is misleading - "Hero Costume is Allowed"

Should say. NOT allowed.

Maybe it’s a little ambiguous. The GUI is pointing out that the hero is allowed, if you just use its other costume.


I personally think it should be referring to “THIS costume is NOT allowed”. The other messages also start wih this. This way there can’t be much of an misunderstanding.


I agree. That would avoid confusion.

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The reason it is stating it like this is that its treating both looks as a costume…

So for Vivica she has two costumes she can wear:

  1. Normal cleric Vivica look
  2. Sorcerer Vivica look

So the message is correct from that perspective…


Yes. We understand that perspective, but I think @CrowdEater makes a good point - it’s a counterintuitive and slightly confusing way of expressing the situation and could be fixed pretty easily.

It’s also not a big deal.

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Does someone have a suggested wording for SGG to consider? If we recall, the first version did not have anything (I believe this is correct). At least this wording indicates your hero can still be used, just not with the costume you are using.

Maybe this:

  • If hero in costume is allowed but not in original outfit, we can say “Hero Costume is Allowed”
  • If hero is allowed in original outfit but not in costume, we can say “Hero allowed if costume is unequipped”

The trick is we want the message to be positive, saying something is allowed if an action is taken. Also, we want to use terms SGG used and not make new terms. That said, the message as written does use proper terms. As you can see below, both versions are considered costumes.

So on second thought, while it’s not perfect, maybe it’s best as is. :thinking:


Here’s the problem with that formulation: in SG’s paradigm a hero is always wearing a ‘costume’ - either its original one, or a new, fancier one. (I like that way of thinking about costumes, personally, though I can understand people preferring to think about costumed vs non-costumed.)

I think this might be the road block. Must the message be positive? If the message is negative and says, as @CrowdEater suggests:

then isn’t that a clear indication that another, different costume would be allowed?

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Other costume is allowed.


Not necessarily. I wouldn’t read it this way. This says something is not allowed and does not leave room for a positive message saying something is allowed. My opinion at least.

This could work. It grays out the hero (since they are not allowed) but indicates they can be used with their other costume.

Now some don’t consider the original hero as a costumed hero. However, that is the term SGG uses.


I like that solution.

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Slight clarification on this, I think it should say “Another costume is allowed” as there are likely (in future) to be more than 1 option for costumes as evidenced by tool tips etc…

So if for example BT has normal look, chef look and (idk maybe) an Engineer look; you would need to say “another costume” as there is now more than 1 other option.


In the last class quest I recognized a something weird while choosing the Heroes.

Richard is costumed, so he can’t be chosen, which is correct, but the description to him is wrong.

“Hero without costume allowed” should be there.

Hiya @Grimtutor, shifted your thread to one addressing the same thing :slight_smile: have a read up on the explanation


For the serenity quest, Sonya’s costume is not allowed. I have her costume equipped. However, when I went to select my team for the trial, over the costume it says “Hero costume is allowed” and I am unable to select her. If I equip her regular self, I can select her.
Rigard is working as expected - where I have his costume equipped, I can select him. Where I don’t, it says costume is allowed.

her costume changes her class to druid. You need to switch her back to paladin. You still get the costume bonus but her special is debuff as the original not cleanse for her costume.

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Thanks. I know how to make her available. The bug is that it says costume is allowed when it isn’t.

But Rigard is working the same though. As a cleric it says costume allowed but you cannot select him, just like when sonya is a druid it says costume is allowed.

I think it is more of a wording issue than a bug. You still have the costume bonus with Sonya as a Paladin. I assume that is what it means be costume allowed. I could be wrong.

Wording matters to me :slight_smile: hence the post.

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The base hero is also considered to be the default costume outfit.

So a base paladin with a druid costume outfit is considered to have 2x costume outfits - paladin and druid.

If either is allowed, the hero can be used for a class quest.

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