Guesses for who the Atlantis heroes will be in a few hours

Anybody care to make predictions on the Atlantis heroes about to drop? It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Kage and Inari will be there, but how about the old HotM? I’m working on a theory about how they’re rotating them, but it could also just be pure coincidence. If I’m correct, it should be Zeline plus either Toth or Delilah.

Why not just wait and see?

Kage and Atomos are my guesses, but could be Kage and Inari. Definitely Kage.

You must be a ton of fun at parties

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I’m hoping for Ariel but I guess I’m a month early. Oh well

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I’d be pumped to see Zeline again, as well as Delilah, Gravemaker, and Alasie. Any one of those would make me a happy camper.


“Hey, Bob, who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl?”

Bob- Rolls eyes
“Why not just wait and see?”
Walks off


Definitely Kage and Inari.

The past HotM are a crapshoot but I’m guessing Thoth and GM. Thoth as the oldest HotM that hasn’t cycled through, GM to pad the company’s Q1 financials.

Not pumped about Thoth

But atleast there is kage

You got three out of 4 right.

Kage, Inari, Toth, Delilah


Did a 10x pull. Got none of the mentioned as usual:

5x feeders
no HoTM

Kage was obtained in the last Atlantis. Wanted Delilah but oh well. It’s not meant to be.
Don’t feel like doing the 90x pulls anymore.

Here we go: 10 pull, all 3stars. Hope someone else gets crazy lucky.

Went chasing after Kage and ended up with Delilah and onatel. Of course, yellow is the only color I lack the materials to ascend. I like both, and in this game you have to appreciate any good fortune, but in all honesty im not certain either one gets mats if I get a second Joon

Did my first ever 30x pull. Wu Kong was the best hero from it. Disappointing I’ll be honest but thems the breaks I guess

That was 2 30x pulls. Had Kage from last time so I can see Guinevere flanked by two Kagey Burritos


63 pulls —> 63 feeders. No legendaries.

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Ouch, sorry for the horrible luck there! :frowning:

76 pulls: Obacrap, Groot and feeders. I foolishly dared to hope for Delilah or Kage.

That sucks!!! Sorry Kerri

23 pulls. Onatel, Inari, and Justice. Dups of Caedmon, Grimm and Wu. Couple of ghost girls too. Not bad I guess.

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