Guess who is this pokemon!

Let me see … thanks to a rare glitch I got this epic photo to ask you E&P fans who do you think this is.
Lets see the replays :smiley:

I would say BulbAeron.

You missed your shot.

I would guess Caed, based on the hair and what looks a a beard and style of dress. Weapon is wrong though.

Guess what you’ve missed too hahahha.
Next Fan please :wink:

Obviously, it is Julius


Here is our Winner … Sad that you figured it out too soon.
But you are a real fan of E&P
Congratulation @Witch … you have profed that you are the ultimate fan.

You have to make it harder… :wink: do you know how many hundreds of times I have gotten him? lol

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Will its a rare glitch I didn’t made it up.
Lets hope this glitch wont be rare so we can get more of this hahahahaja.

Iz no hero! Iz pathetic feeder unit to REAL heroes!

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