Guess who beats Phileas Fogg and his crew to the last Season 4 province, Abyssal Citadel?

As Phileas Fogg and his crew descends the Underground Entrance, he notices a large envelope with his name written in extra large fonts. Intrigued, Phileas Fogg opens the envelope and finds a letter appointed to him.

Dear Phileas Fogg,

I am Aife, a proud “provider” of hams. I am writing on behalf of all the one :star: and two :star: heroes from Season 1. We have heard about your plan to explore The Underwild region. We love what you’re doing. Thus, we’ve decided to support your endeavor. We have sent our clones in before you, all the way down to the last season 4 province, Abyssal Citadel, to provide you with hams. I’m sure we will come in handy whenever you and your crew need hams to level up along your adventure. We’ll be waiting for you patiently.

Yours sincerely,


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