Guess the hero based on screenshots... No more BOSOMS PLEASE

Especially at the speed our good old Slayers move these days :smiley:

They should have a veteran class for battles…

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Bad merge.

Any thread that has to specify ‘no ■■■■’ is too puerile for me :yum:

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Everyone likes boobs fact male female animal reptile … Like if you agree :rofl::heart_eyes:

Should get back on topic too :smirk:

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A nice pair of (blue-footed) boobies -’s a safe link :smile:

Remind you of anyone ?




20 Plague masks!

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Who proudly sports the green feather?

The only one who comes to mind is…

@Oxide not Alessia, it’s definitely Sally

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Indeed, Sally it is.

Well played Professor !


I dont even know who that hero is! Surely ive glanced at the card before, but id swear i havent seen it :thinking::joy:

Know that feeling !

Came up against a Hero called Numbskull recently and my reaction was “Who are you? Where did you come from?”.

Had to look them up and they are part of the Abyss Hunter family & appeared in the Covenant of Champions last May apparently.

I guess he called you numbskull, when you didn´t recognize him and that´s not his actual name :wink:

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I won - he lost. Now who’s a Numbskull? :rofl:

Ah so he´he´s called numbskull now… I wonder what he was called before that then… I doubt I´d recognize his name anyway… just curious.
Or maybe it´s a whole family of numbskulls? Family bonus: 1 hero: all allies have mindless attack for 3 days. All enemies get away with a bad headache.

Not only did i not know who he was, I also didnt realise I had him in my roster :joy::joy:


Well, his special skill is Cracked Skull Strike so that will almost certainly give you a headache (or maybe even concussion).

Here’s a link to his player_guide here on the forum

No need to stalk this guy on social media, I now the sort :wink: The difference from one red-neck-hillbilly to the next isn´t all that big :smiley: