Guess the age of heroes

Guess the age of sonya, marjana, cyprian, thorne, athena and isarnia

sonya 26, marjana 31, cyprian 23 when he was cursed 150 years ago, thorne 56, athena is an immortal goddess who choses to put the head of a 14 year old girl above her oversized chest and isarnia is 1567 but wears a lot of foundation.


The age of lianna and sharan And rigard and their date of birth what?

The age of kelile and domitia is what?

Kelile is 38, but I don’t think I can handle this

Lianna is 3000 and she was born on the autumn equinox, a blessed portent in elf mythology.

She had a big party to celebrate the milestone which was only slightly ruined when Azlar and Vivica turned up in the same dress and both sulked all night.


The age of domitia and vivica is what?

Guess the age of li xiu, sharan, rigard, domitia, vivica, elena, richard and zeline

No need to make another thread @Iyani :slightly_smiling_face:

Why don’t you propose some ages?


Because you need to guess them now


Guess the age of Alberich, Tarlak, Gregorion and Kageburado


Kelila is 35, Domitia is from the future year 3450. She is 27 years old


I hope Zeline and Natalya are 21+ :smiling_imp:


Athena looks like a teen girl

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Alberich 21 years tarlak 19

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Richy undressed 35,
in his costume 57…

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@Olmor try to Guess the age of elena, li xiu, layla, evelyn, ragnhild, rigard, kunchen, joon, leonidas, tiburtus, chao, alice, sabina, aife, derric, Colen, wilbur, and karil

The age of richard is 35 years
Costumed richard is 57 years

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@Olmor guess the age of Hansel and Gretel please

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