Guardians Warlords

You like your alliance but not everyone is pulling their weight. We’ve all been there.

Leaving doesn’t have to be stressful, you can do it amicably!

Warlords offers: fun and competitive alliance. Adult mentality, everyone pulls their weight; do what you know what to do without the micromanagement. A social environment with cool people. And I’ve seen profile pictures on Line! Super normal people! I think we all imagine that others playing the game are bed-ridden, plus size nerds (Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Speaking as a nerd himself), but I like to think we’re the type you can shamelessly tell your lover about when something funny is routinely said. That’s a big step for undercover gamers, should you be one.

The direction is up. Get in while spots are available. Added bonus to be a part of the Guardians Family! Home of multiple dedicated forum Regulars.

Depending on skill level, we have several Guardian alliances that can cater to your needs, too!

Inquire if any questions, or I’ll just assume to see you there!

2,400+ players!


@JonahTheBard, will you vouch for such a band?

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I would also add that that @FrostbiteXIII was highly commended in Britain’s Nicest Man 2018

He was only beaten by a man who was so nice that he donated not just his own, but his two brothers organs to save sick puppies.

His brothers came second and third.


How are David and John doing since donating all those organs, @JonahTheBard?

So good of the three of you. The puppies really appreciated them. Thanks again. :heart:


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