Guardians - Top Secret Internal Memo

Some of us at Guardians are easier to find on the forum than by other means. So this thread is for Guardian Comms. Friends also welcome to chip in.

Anyone who’s not a Guardian… what’s wrong with you? Feel free to bask in our reflected magnificence. Or apply here and get your life back on track Guardians Family :shield:,

Anyway, otherwise our recruitment thread gets confusingly cluttered.

@FrostbiteXIII @therocketcat @PhelanKell @Kikyo

Tag anyone I’ve missed.


Also @FabulaSumus @Kitten @kayo @Annieb @xWicked85 @JRJR60 @Bruno82 @LSLordy

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With the power that was bestowed upon my arrival in this alliance. I demand what was promised and has yet to be delivered. My Hat of the Month.


Of course, July’s hat of the month is a continuation of our virtual range.

Behold, your new virtual trilby!


Just unencrypt the code and voilà.


Nobody told me I had to use my brain… That’s not fair JB.

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@LonelySeeker is also among us, JB

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Did I not include the small print.

Er… unfortunately I’ve encrypted that too.


But it’s pretty short…you should have it cracked by Christmas

Of course, that’s Nyx. This thread is already paying dividends.

Caro Hermano,

Did you really think it was only about using all your flags and hitting Fluffy?

What’s with people who don’t read the fine prints?

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I love when people have genuine faith in me.


Well you don’t want to miss the December HOTM, it’s still in beta but rumours are that it’s the haberdashery equivalent of Hel + Guin with a sprinkling of Drake.

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I’d feed that HOTM to my Greymane every single day.


We’ll have a purple HOTM in December. This year’s purples were both amazing. I hope the next one isn’t a let down.

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Here’s an image from beta… don’t tell the mods


Awww, I miss Fluffy!

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Fluffy is our current agent provocateur

She misses you and Broo too, as do I :cry:


Also, Frosty, can you remind Gandalf that he said weekly emails… unless the trans Atlantic phone lines have been eaten by the Kraken.

I even raided him and didn’t hear a sausage!

Thank you


As we miss you JB! You thinking of visiting us at some point? :slight_smile:

Will certainly give our mage a stern talking to!

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When there’s a good period of stability; we’re (hopefully) coming out of a transitional period.

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I got a Heart of the Month from yesterday’s titan.