Guardians Reborn - Good players not wanted. We don't want to share our massive hoard of loot

Since this is real estate and not recruitment, I know of a cozy home called Phoenix Song on We’ll Kick Yours Anyday Dr. :wink:


With your new avatar, I’m inclined to just agree with whatever you say.


Lol, friend of mine took my picture then used some photo app. Thought it looked pretty cool…except if I’m standing at the end of your bed, in the dark, at midnight (and you don’t have a gun) :joy:



It’s a very cool pic, you handsome devil


Yea the skull part is by far my best feature!!! Look at the cheek bone structure!!


Looks a lot like a Guardian Reborn!


It does look cool, although, after looking closely, I can’t tell if the nose shape looks more like an upside down heart or a silhouette of a ball sack…

Guardians Reborn. Join today.


Anyone who joins today will get to pick the color of our next war teams. WE ARE GOING MONO DEFENSE! That’s right, and we are gonna win!

So join today and pick our color*

*as long as it’s red


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I actually used Peter Griffins chin as the model for my nose!! Nice catch @Kayo!

P,S My real nose looks more like it was on fire and someone put it out with a steel rake

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2 spots. 11/12* Titans. Forum regulars.

Must be an expert at complaining about RNG


1 last spot available

We are still recruiting for potential trifecta completion members. If you think you have what it takes apply today to Guardians Reborn.

15 minutes can get you 15% more loot

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@JonahTheBard I quit this alliance right after your plan

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Hi Keyz

I’m really sorry to let people down. I’ve fought hard for Guardians for the best part of 18 months on war strategy, recruiting and pastoral care. I wanted to have a turn at being a face in the crowd. I wish you and everyone else every success.


Guardians Reborn wants the guy or gal in your alliance that’s doing all the work while others in your alliance aren’t pulling their weight.

We’d like them to be around like minded individuals, and be appreciated. If you love them, set them free… to us. Let us help them shoulder the load.

Line ID: Kayo2527


@littleKAF, this thread is wildly outdated …

Can you please close and re-open our new thread?

Or is it just, if you’ve ever made a recruiting thread, you can never make a new one, even though things and people change, that we’re just stuck with whatever recruiting was done 10 months ago by people that may not even be playing anymore?

@Kayo. I opened the new one up so you are good to go. See link below. I’ll just close this old one.

I’d note this direction below. So yes, only one is allowed. But I do get that these can become long, especially for an older alliance like yours. It might be a good idea to continue using an existing one (a new post gives it a “bump,”) but it can always be closed and a new one started afresh if it becomes too long.

It’s a balancing act keeping the forum clean but making it useful to the community. This current approach is probably better so things should be good now. Always feel free to flag and mark “something else” if you need to or want to ask a question.

PS - I like the new sense of humor in your recruiting threads. My favorite was “seeking merger with alliance of one.” :blush:


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