Guardians Reborn... currently OPEN


We are busy and dynamic team with space for a few more active players.

From humble beginnings, we now have buzzing Line chat and a sister alliance for our newer members.

Want to kill 9* titans and beat teams in Wars? Guardians Reborn is for you.

Want to benefit from experience and knowledge at a low stress pace? Try Guardians Ascending

Join us to forge the future!

… read our story of our incredible exodus here:


So do you feel lucky?


7* Titans now on the menu, punks


Spaces going quickly…


Great place for active players to grow.

Don’t mind the creepy twins in the hallway; they help entice titans to come out of their dens and play with us. :slight_smile:


Currently have spaces available. Reply here to discuss your future epic adventure


Now fighting 9-10* titans with veteran members hitting national #1 and global top 100.


Is there room for a lowly newb of 500 cups, perhaps? I’m just shy (20 levels per hero) of finishing off my first team of 3* heroes and just about to build TC13!

Do y’all use more than just in-game chat to communicate?


Hi @CheTranqui, sounds like you’re making good progress.

Our sister alliance, Guardians Academy could be just the home you’re looking for :slight_smile:

It’s led by players from Reborn - @Annieb and @therocketcat

We have Line app groups shared by all three of our alliances, so we’re one big family, but it’s not mandatory. You can find me ‘jb-flite’ and I can add you.

Guardians Academy is currently ‘open’ and has a space, so head over if you’re interested :+1:


You know you’ve found home when you go hide in the bathroom at a holiday party to make sure you get in your titan hit. :rofl:

Proud Guardian here, found a warm and humorous community who works together, uses all flags, and fights until the end. This last war looked like a loss but everyone who logged on made sure to hit hard and hit well, and we pulled out a very close victory in the hour remaining.

I love how the tiered alliances work together; having the same Line channel to share advice and team builds has been very educational, and it also is a sign of the caliber of folks in the channel that differing opinions are shared respectfully, all comments invited, and all chapters respected equally.

And we also have JB, the maker of fun Christmas quizzes!

This is where you need to be.